We are NOT the neighbours kids..! 

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Vere_925 3 órája
Play little nightmares 2
Ezra Rowe
Ezra Rowe 5 órája
I like the fact that he can play the flute with is nose
LaZe Ejoseph2009
LaZe Ejoseph2009 7 órája
Ksi and jacksepticeye both notice that pewds uses bandycam. Lol
Pixel the 2th
Pixel the 2th 14 órája
Jesus Crust
Jesus Crust 21 órája
CHRISTMAS PRESENT: extra long vid with jack and crimson jack
MalimaHP Napja
Nice to see jerma on felix's channel
JAKO Napja
Stop defending Cyberpunk
Summery set
Internal Security Department
8:59 antifa, basically
StatTack Napja
yea america is just the abortion that lived and now some of them wanna fit somewhere, lmao, I'm kidding
Soggy Fish
Soggy Fish Napja
i literally ate irish sausages watching this video :)):)(:
Drunk Jokes? They're reserved for the Welsh.
peter james
peter james 2 napja
knowing that my ex was drooling over this game for years... and talking shit about all the games I love in the process. Makes this epic fail of a game all the more funny to me.
Kingbub56 2 napja
Hey can someone here help me find that cyberpunk clip
Hayden Gamez
Hayden Gamez 2 napja
Wait is Cyberpunk 2020 going to be released in 2077?
Maeve Symington
My name is Maeve:)
Yusuf Mavlon
Yusuf Mavlon 2 napja
should felix play bedwars?
Kat Bird
Kat Bird 2 napja
What I wanted was a half-naked lady in the sheets, what I got was Keanu Reeves in the street
Romeo Is cool
Romeo Is cool 2 napja
I just realized that jack had a green and black box around him
Nathan Quimby
Nathan Quimby 2 napja
Are you going to finish Doom 3
Davie 719
Davie 719 2 napja
Don’t deny it you got shamed out of bandy cam
J Alex
J Alex 2 napja
Screw all you haters
Tom Newton
Tom Newton 2 napja
UNITY HYPE. Ac unity is my favourite assassins creed game. Used to be everyone’s least favourite now it’s in everyone’s top 5 😂 I love unity so much
Otaloranio 2 napja
the game is gmod just so u know
aspieman1970 2 napja
I will be releasing this Cyberpunk meme when it's ready.
San Moro
San Moro 3 napja
Lmao Jaws harp😂 jaws is the name of a pro skater who plays one a lot
emily 3 napja
The madly cake unequivocally tug because bagpipe willy clip concerning a closed poppy. versed, tender tense lathe
Parsogross 3 napja
My dads side of the family is ultra Mexican but I got more of my moms side so I’m white as hell and people always think I’m adopted when it’s just me and my dad
JAY 3 napja
Both JJ and Jack noticed the "THING" B A N D I C A M
DNB120 3 napja
Sean's voice is fucking goals on this video
Skylar Highland
When men's health runs out of languages to vote sexy Irish:
Free Cookie 500 sub • 52 years ago
Just saying Lol
justin kydd
justin kydd 3 napja
Jack is Ferb from phineas and ferb, confirmed.
Harun Arzobal
Harun Arzobal 3 napja
Just leaving this comment because I learned how to know how long I've been a pewdiepie subscriber
Ethan Otto
Ethan Otto 3 napja
The name Jack didn't want to call the jaw harp by is the Jew's harp. The instrument has nothing to do with the Jewish people whatsoever, it's just an evolution of the name jaw harp. I'm pretty sure it's ok to say because it doesn't refer to any kind of bigotry against Jewish people, but with that being said, there are literally hundreds of names for it, so you can just pick whichever one you want.
Everything with Ashton
Just lads being lads
KTHGN Manatee
KTHGN Manatee 4 napja
Mom: Go play with the neighbors kid The neighbors kid: 25:34
Sonson 4 napja
Elon sean
Cole 5 napja
Let’s all remember we wanted cyberpunk early
VIVID 5 napja
Reakt to twomad
Ethan Mooneyham Show
Get the old team together for meme review. For those who don’t know, it’s Pewdiepie, Jacksepticeye and Markiplier
SpeakTruth ‘
Wait - did anyone notice they are wearing the same exact shirt
SpeakTruth ‘
34:13 Pewdiepie is still confused, but doesn’t want to say anything 😂
Wdax 6 napja
People are now calling math racist.
yus faz
yus faz 6 napja
13:17 it just me or pew just say N word???
latedawns earlysunsets
He said "there you go" idk what you heard
Itz ForTuna
Itz ForTuna 7 napja
THANK YOU! Call us Americans out on our BS!
Coffin time
Coffin time 7 napja
Idk if it's been done yet, but I'd love to see them do a 23 and me. Cause as an American you expect to have mixed blood. Idk if it different for other countries/their citizens and how they feel finding their heritage. (Thinking about it now ik pewdiepie has done it.)
The Moon Owner
Today Coco diss track was removed from HUrun.
Mwd y ceffyl gwaith
a 'Noggin' is a 1/4 of a Pint
Ace Madness
Ace Madness 7 napja
They are like brothers from different mother nations.
SilverSheath 7 napja
Playing Skyrim on xbox right now
Pablo San
Pablo San 8 napja
We gotta get a record label for these musicians
Hey itz Mike
Hey itz Mike 8 napja
Every time they hate on the US I just feel like they don’t want anyone to watch their content that lives here lol
Kurikara99 8 napja
try to do a Canadian accent
HyperxD 8 napja
Twitch HypsterTIGER.... I Will Post this comment till Pewdiepie notice my Twitch ^^
LOL No XD 8 napja
Irish joker
Noah Worden
Noah Worden 9 napja
I hate how people keep criticizing cyberpunk for bad graphics and bugs. Like my god you guys wanted to be released early. Sending death threats to the devs to release it? Delays are not necessary a bad thing, it gives the devs more time to work on it. My god, you got the game early, you get what you get. This is what you wanted
kieran johnson
There is a few blokes at my local in Australia who always were tradie outfits yet i don't think they work
Alright, it was all fun and games until Cyberpunk was compared to No Mans Sky. Cyberpunk 2077: 65 hours in the past 2 months No Mans Sky: 61 hours *since August 9, 2016*
shojinshi 9 napja
shoutsout the diy hair dye mine is split pink and blue
MUNNHARPE!!! Ancient Norwegian instrument
Horrible Smile SKM
13:32 just saved
J T 9 napja
never realized Finnish culture was so close to Irish
J T 9 napja
26:36 that's just me a finn in a mandatory swedish class
J T 9 napja
dis just bros being bros
J T 9 napja
gta wouldn't be funny without broken physics
ziggydo 9 napja
ahhh yes, gmod 7-11
Briana Mills
Briana Mills 9 napja
5:50 The irony. Normal clothes look out of place instead of being a break from all the stupidity people wear.😐😐😏😏 11:26 Black Jesus made the paralyzed walk. 19:30 - 20:00 😄😄😄 GOLD
Laniakea 9 napja
Pewds in a party: “They don’t know I’m actually smart and wise beneath my online goofy persona.”
cihan duymaz
cihan duymaz 9 napja
the neighbours kids:
Peek Chan
Peek Chan 10 napja
36:42 🤣🤣the flute that he-
Imso randomgosh
Imso randomgosh 10 napja
Your the step brothers
Smol brain 100
Smol brain 100 10 napja
why does this have so few views (compared to other videos)
Kraxfia 10 napja
Billie Irish (sorry i had to)
Tanja TV
Tanja TV 10 napja
Basically Cyberpunk 2076
Tanja TV
Tanja TV 10 napja
I think, CDPR should create two versions of the game - the regular, where they fix the bugs and update it regularly and the "meme" one, where they let the bugs be for fun. So you can choose
MA4K 10 napja
felix bought bandicam in the start of his channel to record him screaming at barrels, epic.
DavidYT Blue
DavidYT Blue 10 napja
i saw the intro like a while before this video came out and we said see you in lwiay and well he got in this
Ultimate:Weeb 10 napja
It’s so true Americans love being Irish, that includes me I love Ireland and the accents XD
Aditya Thakur
Aditya Thakur 11 napja
Jack is so happy I miss him so much
General Tarvish
General Tarvish 11 napja
Even with glitches I still have enjoyed my few hours of cyberpunk 100000x more than all my time spent in gta games also people are really still comparing games launch to their e3 debut when literally every single game has always looked better at the e3 reveal
Lima 11 napja
can someone please tell me what ladder are they talking about?
Golden Weed
Golden Weed 11 napja
21:18 Monster
Golden Weed
Golden Weed 11 napja
The Jerma meme is ironic 😭
Andoy Doy
Andoy Doy 11 napja
Jesus Loves all of you
Irish Cheesecake
I watched this and then went to drink water through my nose
Tatum knapp
Tatum knapp 12 napja
31:26 I have never felt so attacked, I do have Irish and Italian blood in me. My moms family is from Ireland and come over to America (can't tell you when it happened or where they originally are from) but my grandfather on my dad's side (whom I never met because he died when my dad was 3 and then my dad was later adopted therefore lost the Italian last named) was born in Italy. I have no doubt that this happens to them all the time but like is this a personal attack or something. lol
Garith BB
Garith BB 12 napja
Jack’s green frame looks like Cocomelon 😌
Flerd 12 napja
I went to Ireland 2 yrs ago and I was at Sean’s bar everyday with my parents lol
Lianna 12 napja
Bee1z3 12 napja
6 : 50 pewds turning to salamander man may franku bless you
Potato Man
Potato Man 12 napja
39:15 "Dude shes hot!" (shes 16) I can already hear the "Curb Your Enthusiasm"
Kahn 11 napja
What? Gab is 32. Am I missing a joke here?
Xavier Bostwick
Xavier Bostwick 13 napja
The first Irish meme is basically just asking Jack to translate.
yarn 13 napja
green pewdiepie... more like PINK SPEDICEY HAH9AHHHAHHhah inmpostiork kçus0s
Hamza Karfa
Hamza Karfa 13 napja
i missed mark in those videos
shrimpified 14 napja
jack: they dont know i have 4 bells in my house pewds, having more than 1 tambourine and lots of other instruments: do you have 4?
november cat
november cat 14 napja
Is that a language no and i can confirm that im italian
Aliana Arenas Year 8
Just two casual best friends during quarantine 😭😂
Hugh Mungus
Hugh Mungus 14 napja
And to think: 7 years ago, Jack was extremely excited that he won the PewDiePie shoutout
Hunter Roth
Hunter Roth 6 napja
I still remember when Jack used to get so nervous when recording with Felix or Mark. These guys have aged like fine gamer wine 😂 with time its become richly sweet
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