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2021.febr. 2.






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Crisjan Entertainment
Wow did you just literally use the cocomelon?
Flowgang Semauda Martoz
Om ma gahd, you are so pretty! You go, Queen!
Brandon Bandelt
Brandon Bandelt 12 órája
Looks like Felix should pull a Caitlyn...
D? Funoky
D? Funoky 15 órája
I'm InTheMaking
I'm InTheMaking 18 órája
What software did he use?
Earnest Koh
Earnest Koh 22 órája
I can’t tell if I am now gay or still straight
Tee Rose
Tee Rose Napja
i miss before 2017 pewdiepie so f-ing bad. his videos r so boring now
Maccy P1
Maccy P1 Napja
Why? Just Why? 😂
Dead Phobiac
Slap the base.
Alex Fealy
Alex Fealy Napja
8:16 pew news
Ryan’s hellhole
Pewds tranz
Aaron Christanto
I almost thought that he was Marzia.
R-787 M07
R-787 M07 2 napja
Here I present u Charles James the IInd
Alexander L
Alexander L 2 napja
Yo what happen to our boy? Who that girl 👀 is she single? OF?
The Gaming Fox
I started to notice the hair is CG 4:48 into the video.
Nathan Quimby
Nathan Quimby 2 napja
When are you going to finish Doom 3
ExtDEAM 2 napja
Shiro 2 napja
He looks like if xqc and supermechafriesa had a daughter
Bethany daddyUwUteehee
yo I used to have one of those forgewewweees
Chandrajit Karmakar
How did you edit your face?
Jacob Hatfield
Twitter: "pEwDiEPie iS tRaNsPhObiC" Felix: Checkmate liberals
wtf was that intro?
Erik Stefan -_-
It all was Felix ?
Roux 3 napja
Yeap. It's just a filter that makes him a woman. There's also another filter that makes him a VTuber (he made a video about it a couple of days ago). He seems like an anime, so fun!
FIRELoks FF 3 napja
THEniel 101
THEniel 101 3 napja
on philippines : kristian ph / kristina all kristian ph fan 👇👇
Empathy Tobacco
I have mixed feeling about this and i don't like it
GimBye 3 napja
Let's hate cocomelon!
MasterPiece 3 napja
You’re making me question my sexuality, Felicia!
Jonpaul Ferreira
I think I’m gay
Bozhidar Zhivkov
Hello, WomenPie 👋
Matthew Parker
Tf is a vtuber
hylamyc 4 napja
You look so good with the face tune. Love the female version more than the male version
Tiago Santos
Tiago Santos 4 napja
I missed the song, feelsbadman
TUR VIPER 4 napja
burn it
Just Dj
Just Dj 4 napja
Do a video showing all your tattos and what would you like to do more (comment 50, halfway done, hope yt doesn't block me)
nooby6192 4 napja
Pretty or Ugly? You're Pretty Ugly.
big cat Nation
Subscribe to big cat nation please
Noelle Silva
Noelle Silva 4 napja
Srishti Das
Srishti Das 5 napja
Felexa lol
Kole L
Kole L 5 napja
0:14 trans guys be like
SMASH 5 napja
Hey my kids just made a channel can you guys help out with a Sub, Thanks ;)
kirito uzumaki
Bubba, ame!?!
ierfan 300
ierfan 300 5 napja
Im so disturbed right now
Gamer Boi
Gamer Boi 5 napja
Why is this vid not the most viewed vid in the universe?
ying von kadow vir guest hare
Ro'jahr the kahjiit
trans rights thats all i have to say
Jason Hudson
Jason Hudson 5 napja
**ten year old heavy breathing**
Katja Merlung
Katja Merlung 6 napja
Omg! I never realized that our end word in Denmark as well is spelled like Slut is XD
E.T. 2
E.T. 2 6 napja
This isn’t right no no I’m not gae
Ami Martin
Ami Martin 6 napja
Julia Roberts
homerzilla123 6 napja
Lol its filters
JGuitarman23 6 napja
1:09 im a woman now
Daniel Goossen
That was a tough w**k
Betty 6 napja
0:10 end
Betty 6 napja
0:00 Present
dukagjin Morina
At 1:31 you can hear that sound and that sound is that you completed a level from bottle jump3d
victor 7 napja
kill me
My Toe
My Toe 7 napja
buy a 3 foot frog instrument
What is he/she using to do that with the face?
Lolimão Doidjo
0:03 *Cocomelon is going to brazil*
Brokenstar 7 napja
people who started watching this vid as their first video of pewds
The Ragnaross
The Ragnaross 7 napja
honestly I have no idea what he said at the end there, so why is that the most funny part of the video to my 😂
The Ragnaross
The Ragnaross 7 napja
@Just a random person on no, I've fucked up, I'm so sorry
LoveandParty 7 napja
Wow that face works very well...
Marius Tubac
Marius Tubac 7 napja
If you liked this video, I have similar videos.
Goodguy Typhlosion
Lily-Rose Davies-Leary
I’m scared 😂❤️
Flp _filipovic
Pewds what do you say about the Gamestop scandal. Gaming world needs heeeelp
Je L Oo
Je L Oo 7 napja
"Man i feel like woman"
iwa chan
iwa chan 7 napja
Okey he looks like Kurt Cobain with the filter lmaodjeismwins
floresaza253 8 napja
Female Felix can get it
Kunsh Puranik
Kunsh Puranik 8 napja
I like the mine all day plugin at the end thanks sive)
DawnStreak 8 napja
Wait a moment... this makes me uncomfortable...
Chase Guindon
Chase Guindon 8 napja
felix singing shania twain about to do a tour of rural canada I cant wait
HyperxD 8 napja
Twitch HypsterTIGER.... I Will Post this comment till Pewdiepie notice my Twitch ^^
BrodyGamez 8 napja
Plot twist: This is pewds' identical twin, just a girl.
Tough Puff
Tough Puff 8 napja
Is a gay?
Herman Göring Gaming
3:35 so ur gæ
Vani chan
Vani chan 9 napja
A trap perioddt
FLIP It Up Toonc
Flix is a girl before Me eww
Madde Swe
Madde Swe 9 napja
Du skulle vara skitsnyggt som tjej ju x'D också :P haha
Sweet Cherry
Sweet Cherry 9 napja
omg i remember that frog instrument from elementary school music class
Joesef Rich
Joesef Rich 9 napja
Why’s female pewds low key kinda cute 😳
Mahdee Hasan
Mahdee Hasan 9 napja
Imagine if in the end instead of saying "Bro-fist sister" he said "sis-fist"
Ajna Kardaš
Ajna Kardaš 9 napja
Why does he look like Marzia
MYFCC 9 napja
love the intro 😂😂😂😂
MYFCC 9 napja
TaZer 9 napja
Pewdiepie transgender confirmed
supr. 9 napja
That software didn't hide your Adam's apple 😂 Girl with Adam's apple
Awkward Goldfish
Shes so pretty wtf
Federico Gullo
cocomelon neeaaa
Xertul 10 napja
0:30 i have this frog
Joyce 10 napja
him singing girls just wanna have fun omg
titsofbrass 10 napja
wtf is this same feeling you get when you would look prince in the eyes
qunnuan lei
qunnuan lei 10 napja
ItalianGirl 10 napja
Kwik Flex Gaming
1:09 Me every 5 min of studying
FROG IT 9 napja
SheBeast 10 napja
God forgive me for what I'm about to do-
regular user
regular user 10 napja
Tha Only Skywalker
Pewds dont do this again plz my wife got jealous cause I was checking ya out
Joaquin Rivera
Joaquin Rivera 10 napja
That split second at 5:25 where Pewd's face gets revealed lol
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