Kids Decide Who Gets $1000 Is Very Cringe... 

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Madison Roberts
Madison Roberts 3 perccel
I just like- none of them really needed that 1000$ literally where did they find these kids?
Gordon Sarratt
Gordon Sarratt 15 perccel
"cAn i quiZ yoU On oCeAn facTs?" im not sure our ''marine biologist" knows what marine biology is.
Hotmamachicken 69
The kalid dude looks like the human form of lactose intolerance
MyNameInder 23 perccel
I wanna see how many subs I get current 30
Hotmamachicken 69
Hotmamachicken 69 25 perccel
I just came back to pewdiepie after months lol I see he’s got a new camera, is floor gang still a thing
easy ease
easy ease 31 perce
2 grown man laughing at kids, what has life come to , hypocrites
easy ease
easy ease 8 perccel
@Oily Olive what loser
Oily Olive
Oily Olive 20 perccel
Dumas P
Dumas P 41 perce
Watching this after watching the adults be immature is so strange
pmknlive 54 perccel
I'd say "I just want to win the money. However, if I actually get the money - I will give each one of you 100$. "
dead popcorn
dead popcorn 47 perccel
karen ramirez
karen ramirez Órája
That girl is so damn annoying and I don’t even need to name her...
Oily Olive
Oily Olive 18 perccel
Chandon Burton
The Buddhist really pissed me off I’d throw hands
BananaMilk MATE
When I saw the thumbnail I instantly went.. 🚨NINA NINA NINA NINA..🚨 🤣😭
Susie Ballard
Susie Ballard Órája
The girl with the high ponytail or the guy the the ✝ shirt or the kid wanting to start the clothing company, that is who I would give it to.
Opochtli Órája
is this ice poseidon
This is the definition of privilege....where did they find these kids???!?! None of them deserve the money
Ridush gaming
Ridush gaming Órája
I hate you
Charlie Henry
Charlie Henry Órája
Anyone who watched John wick knows that played at the beginning
sikid4000 Órája
Rich asian kids just voted everyone else off lol
Dylan Miller
Dylan Miller Órája
Why are they all gay?
Party Roekel
Party Roekel Órája
Just split the money 7 ways, $142.85 each
pain 2 órája
Ken calling kids attractive HMMM interesting
Alana Battersby
Alana Battersby 2 órája
Everybody making fun of a 14 year old tho like calm down.
Arturo Rios
Arturo Rios 2 órája
Mean Girls 2
pain 2 órája
The buddhist sandal girl kind of a bitch tbh
nintendude7cubed 2 órája
Lol the censoring gets better and better by the minute.
CyberWolf 5 7 8
CyberWolf 5 7 8 2 órája
“i gotta take ubers to school.. 😭😭” 💀💀💀
Cas Holland
Cas Holland 2 órája
“I need $1,000 dolors so I can take Ubers to school it’s so stressful 😭” Bi-
misamisa12311 2 órája
I'm American... I didn't drive until I was 19... and I had to bribe my brother 300 bucks to teach me.
Horikta Suzune
Horikta Suzune 2 órája
its funny how kraken rhymes with karen. yea am referring to that girl who loves marine animals
rain drop
rain drop 2 órája
"i'm soRRy Im GetTiNg EmOtIonaL!" alright, she gets the money for best actor
JJRAYX9 2 órája
nina. nina. NINA!
Ken is hilarious 💀💀
Dana H
Dana H 2 órája
nina....... Nina.. NINA!!!
MNice 2 órája
My plan: Tell everyone that I’ll split it evenly if given to me.
Free Skins
Free Skins 2 órája
That's Where i live bruh
FoeAndy 3 órája
These are rich high schoolers!! Not normal btw I love high school!
BxrTrex 3 órája
I'm so thankfull the girl on the right didn't win 🙏🙏🙏
Chrysten K. Righetti
ken: busses didn’t come to my house we don’t have public transport ken 5 minutes later: where the fuck does she live that busses don’t come to her ????????????????
Milk Plague
Milk Plague 3 órája
Moral of the story: anyone can be a victim if they try hard enough
Brian Lingden
Brian Lingden 3 órája
0:43 Bruh, it was an orchestral classical piece.
topeagle7044981 3 órája
ALL THESE CHILDREN ARE SPOILED ASF. Bruh.. Give me the thousand dollars so i can buy a car, so i dont have to walk to work lol
Jamie Rodriguez
Jamie Rodriguez 3 órája
“We gotta be mean”😂😭
Yeshwin Manjunath
I'm 24 and I still don't own a car. *Cries in third world country*
Kat Mango
Kat Mango 3 órája
They could’ve split the money, even if it’s not allowed, just give it to someone and split it once they’re out...
stillcold 3 órája
Bro my outfits didn't even add up to $300 when I was in high school, and that's including my shoes. Who tf are these privileged ass kids?
Alisa Kotliarova
Alisa Kotliarova 3 órája
i have adhd and the “buddhist” girl shows a lot of adhd qualities imo - impulsiveness, being emotional, RSD, even the obsession with marine biology. i don’t feel like it’s right to clown on her
Jaden Karvaski
Jaden Karvaski 3 órája
This video was pretty interesting to me I really liked it keep going on what you're doing!!!!
Spacelion 3 órája
9:19 my high school didn’t have busses what
Julian Nagata
Julian Nagata 3 órája
I went to college in Mcpherson Lol
I am Mallett
I am Mallett 4 órája
You copied Cody ko. Come up with your own material pew
Luke Robinson
Luke Robinson 4 órája
Yes cringe Also get this comment lot of likes Peace
Lord Corgi
Lord Corgi 4 órája
look at those ears
Gingrr Productions
I refuse to believe it was a 40 minute bike ride to get to school and a 10 minute car journey (excluding traffic)
Yt good
Yt good 4 órája
tylerb159 4 órája
Wholesome guy pewdiepie
Hun-Faateer 4 órája
While this was cringe, it wasn’t nearly as bad as the adult one. That was painful to watch.
Salmir Hasanovic
Salmir Hasanovic 4 órája
Duuude bis cheated with bare feet
Abdullrahman Alhu
يا يعال انا رحت عند قنات ابو فله وا لقيت فديو قبل أسبوع جا1Mوا ثلث ميت الف طيب دخلت ذا الفديو وا هذا الفديو هم قبل أسبوع وا جاب ثلاث ميه الف لايك😂😂 قال بيودي باي😂😂
Tyler Paz
Tyler Paz 4 órája
The biggest pick me won .. 😂
Karlmeister Babasoro!
If I have a 1000 dollars I'd put the money for my needs Jar.... And grow money myself .... for me and my fiance's wants Jar And sell some shirts as well and merch! We will Brand! Karlmeister reviews someday...
Aiden Connor
Aiden Connor 4 órája
Damn Cody Ko get ratiod
MXFT 5 órája
she probably goes to a school out of her area
Chase Koehn
Chase Koehn 5 órája
Pewdiepie I live in McPherson very crazy to see my idle talking about my home town much love!!!
Mrjohnjohn12 5 órája
10:02 "when I was your age... "
Simple productions
Whats ninas insta?
G Puc
G Puc 5 órája
Ken pegged them as "popular girls" because they're pretty and confident??? wtf lol his commentary the whole video was so off
jobamatwo 2 órája
@K i don’t agree with @G Puc but ken did say that. also stop saying simp it’s cringe
K 3 órája
No, he called them as such because they're rich and manipulative. "wtf lol his commentary the whole video was off" Nice projection, simp.
Anthony Halstead
Anthony Halstead 5 órája
Not sure how other high schools are, but at my high school, they added a bus stop if your house was further than 2.5 miles from the closest stop...
BASHER303 5 órája
Just some Dude who’s has YouTube
Pewdiepie look 15 and 35 at the same time
Ariii ÛwÛ
Ariii ÛwÛ 5 órája
Tbh this one is SO much better than the adults like kids may be a mess but at least they werent greedy leeches
CZAR 5 órája
Dude that girl is so manipulative! Yall know who i mean
RaisinTree 5 órája
hope you all have a nice week, wanted to let you know that Jesus loves you and died for you. you might think of this as annoying and you’ve seen it a lot, but it’s more than that. those who share this are happy with Christ and believe in eternal life and happiness. they want you to be a part of that too, and so do i. you can have your own opinion and i respect it and you can ignore this and that’s fine. stay safe. i believe in you. in whatever you want to do. God has not left you, and never will. again, Jesus Christ loves you so much. He is willing to heal you and anyone else no matter what they’ve done. He has died for us and proved that He is the Christ, Savior, and Protector.
you could be my frog but you decided to be a cock
I went back from the recent video with adults to somewhat restore my faith in humanity The other video is unwatchable even with these two being funny :/
Conor Fehily
Conor Fehily 5 órája
Y you copying cal freely broski
Dachi Amv's
Dachi Amv's 5 órája
Bro these kids got cars and i cant even get a bike
NZN 5 órája
There was not a single person at my highschool that didnt bike to school besides dudes with mopeds. Also u werent able to be a dick to your friend for days cuz u were in debt since he bought you that 20 cents snack at school.
kyla chhaly
kyla chhaly 5 órája
is pewdiepie just reacting to vids he’s already reacted to before?
kitsune 5 órája
richard rochette
richard rochette 5 órája
bich lasangua
Void6 5 órája
they kicked the entrepreneur before the rich kid that totals 1k between his shoes and a belt. What a great reflection of society lol
Musiktheoretiker 5 órája
I'd buy a toaster and use the rest to invest in stocks
Allie 5 órája
Americans don't know geography then how come I can name where every country is located 😤 (no sarcastically. Had to learn this at my school)
Simke sims
Simke sims 6 órája
Like Pews is really good at reading people, but Ken sees right through their intentions, impressive
Ismael Urbina
Ismael Urbina 6 órája
Yes its not like us americans have metro yea that doesnt exist 29:48
black dragon kalemet
bro 40 mins isn't far I walk 2-3 hours to school lmao
suam y
suam y 6 órája
That wher I love bro
Shahbaz ahmed
Shahbaz ahmed 6 órája
Hi good morning beautiful nice
Tube 6 órája
Watching this in a garage, this hurts.. a lot.
Finley Dalmeijer
Finley Dalmeijer 6 órája
I have never wanted to punch people more in my life
chin chin
chin chin 6 órája
Judging on the way they look the probably have it better in school than me they 100% hang out with their friends on the weekends and have at least 5 friends that are always with them I am alone and play game as compensation for not having many friends
Fame Frenzy0
Fame Frenzy0 6 órája
These kids are privileged
Hixiro 6 órája
I got so annoyed at the Asian girl with the pink hair , mustard skirt and black top Actually the worst was the Buddhist
light gaming
light gaming 6 órája
Big Dibber
Big Dibber 6 órája
I wish the guy behind pewds should start youtube 🙂
AlexTona 6 órája
Drama = Monee Girl = Cry Girl = Monee Sike
Hixiro 6 órája
I would give it to the kid with the big ears
MuffinMaster 24
MuffinMaster 24 6 órája
My excuse would be, “I’m adopted give me the money plz I want to have parents”
mr. what zit tooya
i feel sorry for kalid. he looked like he was about to cry the whole time.
The Manga Enthusiast
Why are they all rich kids....? Like the poorest girl there has to take ubers 5 days a week......... Like how can anyone afford that?
Megan Brown
Megan Brown 6 órája
Aye I used to bike 35 min to school
Bill 871216
Bill 871216 6 órája
Pewds face at 20:43 😂
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