Kids Are Very Dumb 

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Tiffany Sanderson
Back when water beds were a thing, my brother and I, about 4 and 5, wanted to see what was in one. We went into my parents room while they were in the living room. I convinced my brother to take a pair of scissors and pop the bed to see what was in it. Our parents didn’t notice until we came in there to tell them it had water in it
Sekene-chan Órája
Pewdiepie help me theres cocomelon sounds in my neighborhood and i hate it please save me from this annoying sound
Paul’s Existence
9:25 why is it charging like that? Is it not allowed or not enough room on the counter? Did the kid wanna play it at the table? Is it to block someone?
conza 1608
conza 1608 4 órája
3:25 Almost knocked the childhood out of himself
꧁Raffaela :P꧂
Me: **kid** Title: kids are very dum Me: ... Escoose meh?!?!?!
Jonavin Cruz
Jonavin Cruz 5 órája
Trippie reads very poetic.
iTACHi 106
iTACHi 106 5 órája
Trippy reeed
TheBobuxAngel Gaming
ThreepE0 8 órája
PewDie: Kids are dumb Also PewDie: Using a pro boom mic 2 inches from mouth with gain set too high, no pop filter.
Fazeboojujee 8 órája
That kid was a floor gang member 😂
big smeller
big smeller 8 órája
the meme at 2:50 holy shit the child is already an adult, storming out the car, slamming the door and calling it a piece of shit
Jumbo 2 TR
Jumbo 2 TR 8 órája
its me peeewdpie
marissa 9 órája
Sara Amovic
Sara Amovic 10 órája
I used to work as a camp counselor and one day the kids were really bored. So I made up a game to find the tallest piece of grass and it turned into a full on competition. Kids were getting way too into finding the tallest piece of grass, some were stealing others grass pieces, some were crying because they kept finding small pieces. It was a mess and all because I asked a couple of them to find a couple of tall pieces of grass lmao
Gaming_Michael 10 órája
ItzJustKris 11 órája
Why does he look like this
Velociraptor G
Velociraptor G 12 órája
It’s nether rite
Anthony Maceda
Anthony Maceda 12 órája
Why are u dissing kids man?
Axe Chill
Axe Chill 12 órája
trippie reed
Belen Oledan
Belen Oledan 16 órája
That's why felix does not have a bb
Tom and john
Tom and john 16 órája
(Some kid watching) Im not 9 im 10 haha stinky
Java U18C
Java U18C 16 órája
literally my 9yo brother pretending to be a superhero: 10:14 XD
Justin Y junior
Justin Y junior 18 órája
Pewds filter looks like hes 12 and has a deep manly voice
Ezekiel Raven
Ezekiel Raven 18 órája
Ultimate anti loli
TISOY GIL TV 18 órája
kids are great to watch
Ɛ.Crewmate.3 23 órája
Small head *BIG BODY*
supra sayian
supra sayian 23 órája
Pewdiepie gots baby fever lmao
It's me Hala!
It's me Hala! 23 órája
Hey don't judge me :(
Akhil Meduri
8:20 Getting Over It: Home Depot Edition
Tommyinnit go brrr
Common Sense
Im still qauking in my boots from that first kid
Candace Forde
Shut up!!
Lukan Napja
Hemant Angarkar
Pewds... I M about to give up on you... I am really sorry. You have to do better man... I am really sorry bud
J’zargo Napja
I laughed so hard when the girl pushed the baby in the foam pit 😂
Goodguy Typhlosion
*Well, what do you think about Clementine then? Is she dumb?*
Tommy Boi
Tommy Boi Napja
one time i was playing with a key and a padlock and stuck the key in a goddamn outlet and the power went out and the outlet was black lol.
Jugger naut
is this a normal filter, hulllly crap, it looks real like a hollywood cgi.
hate this!
Keyna sibi
Keyna sibi Napja
Ok ( hehe Rick roll ) hahahhahaha
Zerajnim Egroj
He looks like an actor I just can’t remember who
i remember as a kid, i took my very first nerf gun and looked down the barrel to see the bullet. I wanted to observe the bullet as it flied out of the barrel, so i pulled the trigger and shot myself in the eye
rainbow snek
rainbow snek 2 napja
you do not understand how much i despise this filter. also, why the hell that one kid got a vent in the FLOOR of his house? in the carpet too??
Julianna Sewell
When I was little I thought during hide and go seek that if I couldn’t see the person seeking than they couldn’t see me hiding 😐😂
Paul Evans
Paul Evans 2 napja
Who is this guy? Sounds like Pewds
Khai French
Khai French 2 napja
ur body still looks proportionate to ur baby face
d117 iwbaspartan
Is Marzia pregananant
P P 2 napja
no pewds is preganant
MikiBee 2 napja
Are you calling me dumb??????
E S 2 napja
At 3:27 he punches himself so fast that he reverts back into an adult also he smiled so much at 5:10 that he reverted back
Luis Lebrón Aponte
That clip of the dad giving his kid the hose was actually a representation of how responsible one can be. He made sure the setting was set to the one with the lowest just in case what happened was gonna happen. And it did. So, the kid learned that it's not good to point the end of the hose to one's face and pull on the trigger without getting hurt. Very cool.
FCBasti Diamantino
Trippie Reed
Cordelia O'Rourke
Uneery? 😭
Mads World
Mads World 2 napja
That Spider-Man kid just created the new fad diet of this year
Paloma Groves
Paloma Groves 2 napja
“trippy reeds”
Anthony Bjo
Anthony Bjo 2 napja
Kids shouldn’t have tattoos..
Prime.506. Yt
Prime.506. Yt 2 napja
U were a kid
Nathan Quimby
Nathan Quimby 2 napja
When are you going to finish Doom 3
Sara Iffat
Sara Iffat 2 napja
I literally can’t wait for him to have a kid and his own child watch cocomelon xD
Luna Enserric
Luna Enserric 2 napja
"we've solved the solution" Pewdiepie 2021
Khiêm Nguyễn Minh
Why you look so young ?
Khiêm Nguyễn Minh
Billa0 ok
Billa0 2 napja
he has a filter on.
Konthoujam Shinthoibi
no nothing much...just the second-hand embarassment. i'm fine 🙂
Hosoo Batochir
no kids is god pewdpie is noob
naxezy 2 napja
3:48 when someone catch you vent in among us 🥵
Marjade Mercado
The chance of pewdiepie reading this is 0.00000000000000000000000001%
Asdf Asd
Asdf Asd 2 napja
How dare call me dumb im kid
8D Theme Songs
we are dumb
8D Theme Songs
i am dumb
Luei Meng Hao
Luei Meng Hao 2 napja
This kid is like 8 and he has 109 mil subs?
ErenYeager 2 napja
3:25 for a second there he looked like adult pewdiepie. they growing up so fast🤧
Mohammed Alkoos
I hate u and baby is better than u
Jesus Christ
Jesus Christ 2 napja
big cat Nation
Subscribe to big cat nation please
TTV Danter_OW
TTV Danter_OW 3 napja
7:50 baby get knocked my epic no scope
TTV Danter_OW
TTV Danter_OW 3 napja
I hate how youtube removed the Coco disstrack
Random 3 napja
LoL I have been thinking: *would it be possible that atoms and particles and quarks even quantum are organisms*
Lucas LDG
Lucas LDG 3 napja
Cococoxocococcoco why u messin with my jojojojo
Dratless Oblivion
Why does he look so young? What did he do to himself, get plastic surgery?
velvet 2 napja
bruh its a filter
Brunko Watts
Brunko Watts 3 napja
I hope I get to have kids one day to experience these things
Brunko Watts
Brunko Watts 3 napja
That was so cute
Stephane Porobija
man kids the dumbest f**king thing in the world
Big Mac
Big Mac 3 napja
Meredith Hughes
Mine 'stole' an empty doughnut box off the kitchen trash. I was right there, called her name, and she took off at a waddle-run with her stolen goods, ran around the corner, plopped down, opened the box, then began wailing because it was empty.
HAPIIIe ➐ 3 napja
When joel is kid
Jordan 3 napja
3:39 imposter😱
Finlay Watt
Finlay Watt 3 napja
Snapchat filter coming in clutch
Linards Makars
Pewdipie ur a bad b
Daithi_m57 3 napja
Do you mean 2 year old or 10 years old because I am 10
Banana 3 napja
Mau kasih saran aja nih ngab, kasih subtittle indonesia dong, gua gak ngerti yang lu omongin anying. Gabisa basa inggres.
B 3 napja
You look like Frances from Malcolm in the middle
Neko Chan
Neko Chan 3 napja
I hope you play genshin impact
salakins 3 napja
The grass is growing quick we'll miss it 😂👌
Vasilis Anthis
Trippie Reed
Blotted 3 napja
what webcam/phone app is that!? its pretty creepy
Werner Mills
Werner Mills 3 napja
The fat faulty back geographically damage because television pharmacologically spray into a absurd chill. able, permissible bedroom
Kyle Colsh
Kyle Colsh 3 napja
I swear i replayed that outro 100 times
XD Savage
XD Savage 3 napja
Frosky 3 napja
Check my videos please ☺️
ccszvnoel1 Ccs
Nice to see pewdiepie let frodo do a video today
Vincent De La Terre
8:05 The song in the background makes it 10x funnier.
Furkan Toksoz
Furkan Toksoz 3 napja
Strong baby is PewDiePie
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