I Made 58024 Furnaces in Minecraft & This Happened.. 

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New change unlisted_viewer
Man this makes me want to play minecraft
TheAdvertisement 7 órája
"What is that sound that is not a sound." - Anime Pewdiepie 2021
Shashwat Rathore
Shashwat Rathore 17 órája
"I also learnt to not jump down in caves in Hardcore from watching people die. I think you know which ones." Well, for those of you who did not know, that was Ph1LZA, who had a world record of surviving Hardcore for fricking 5 years, then dying to a kid zombie in a random cave.
Anshu Singh
Anshu Singh 18 órája
I love your face It's actually beautiful Reminds me something with ani- or something
Nando 18 órája
20:54 “yes, shower me with D bro”
Shashank Vikram
Shashank Vikram 21 órája
28:04 already
christian collins
christian collins 22 órája
"Not an efficient minecrafter" Shovels individual coal pieces instead of blocks. Gotta love pewds big brain veteran plays.
Pratham Aggarwal
Pratham Aggarwal 23 órája
Use coal block without using coal
•_• Napja
Pewds on third that of minecraft world :diamond everything , enchanted, huge base Me on third day of minecraft world:still no iron, never seen an enchanted,lives in a ditch
Ayan Mouzzam
On your bow pot infinite
Akumaru Saburo
Where's Rick Roll?
gamer man
gamer man Napja
So laggy
Spufy NutZ
Spufy NutZ Napja
Don’t know if you’ll see this pewds but if you get a librarian he will trade u glass then with that glass u can trade with the cartographers.
SV10 Napja
What's with the whole face reveal thing? Someone fill me in plz
uRyL Sky
uRyL Sky 2 napja
all protection is better!
Leonardo Martino
Sive, rendering the video after edit: Yup, let's make it 2009 quality
Nathan Quimby
Nathan Quimby 2 napja
When are you going to finish Doom 3
Kendra Nell
Kendra Nell 2 napja
27:43 he missed nether wart on the left 😭
Slatt VRS
Slatt VRS 2 napja
Fire protedtion and all the other protections stack butt u have to make spararate armour with the enchants and combine them on the anvil
xMqt 2 napja
felix when a skeleton shoots him and it does half a heart AAAAA IM GOING TO DIEEE AAAAHHH
RAVEN 2 napja
Julian Chavez
Julian Chavez 3 napja
Hey you should make a xp farm, I recommend a kelp or potato but more kelp cause it gets you more Xp
Pavly Yousef
Pavly Yousef 3 napja
Felix u know u could get more emeralds with fletchers, right?
Brandon Howard
I thought the tree leaves break down into nether wart
How to u grow first time on youtube
Petition to start calling us "Bros"! Like to sign.
Lolo Alfaouri
Lolo Alfaouri 3 napja
watching this on 2x speed makes him sound like an anime characters lmfao
LeslieDaOne !
LeslieDaOne ! 4 napja
we never saw anything guys, we didn't. see. anything.
Mstar T_T
Mstar T_T 4 napja
1:11, that's so funny now😂
Just Dj
Just Dj 4 napja
Do a video showing all your tattos and what would you like to do more...
What shaders does pewds use?
MEGAKOT 700 agent mucha
4:05 if you hate cats i hate YOU
Mizu Altaria
Mizu Altaria 5 napja
Use silk touch on nether gold and smelt it to get ingots instead nuggets
ᕼᗩᔑᔑᗩᑎ ᕼᗩᗞᏆ
🇮🇶🇮🇶🇮🇶🇮🇶🇮🇶🤩😘 Your follower from Iraq
Rohanm Gaming
Rohanm Gaming 5 napja
"Shower me with D bruh" 😂😂 20:54
he coudve yoused the silk touch for- aaawwwww
Garbage Productions
Thanks, i hate it!
Enrique Veytia
I just started to watch your playthrough and I wanted to ask how you got the shadowes
Zara Tahanagi
Zara Tahanagi 6 napja
Pewds kinda looks like Shinichi Izumi with longhair with the filter xD
Kody Miller
Kody Miller 6 napja
the yell doe 25:28
llama 6 napja
28:13 pewdiepie beautiful face reavealed by mistake
Pono GG
Pono GG 6 napja
That Shader pack looks flawless , anyone knows what shader he's running ?
kian Beckett
kian Beckett 7 napja
Pewnime pewdiepie and anime together
Katarina Männik
i have a crush on anime felix
Родион Рунчев
Идиальний канал
Родион Рунчев
Русские тут?
Bro Man
Bro Man 7 napja
I did some calculations and found out the mule can hold 1,617 tons of sand!
Fred Campbell
Fred Campbell 7 napja
Pewds: "IVE BEEN THROUGH THIS BEFORE!!" Me: *silent tears*
keoki youngstrom
Laust Mikkelsen
What shaders does he use?
robyn 7 napja
he’s training hard so that he doesn’t get Philza’d
Liam Casstillo
Anime pewds
Hunter Steine
Hunter Steine 8 napja
You can grow nether warts
Ishaan Dave
Ishaan Dave 8 napja
Pewds if you turn framerate from vsync to unlimited then you will get an fps boost
Ishaan Dave
Ishaan Dave 8 napja
3:15 LMAO
GamingTime 8 napja
3:49 crainer alert!
Drae 8 napja
wait... he called donkey going by he after saying mrs donkey. ( 0:55 ) * confused *
Joseph Truong
Joseph Truong 8 napja
Can we please number this series
John Klinman
John Klinman 8 napja
why doesnt he have bow?
• ArÖn •
• ArÖn • 8 napja
Donkey: *gets stuck on a minecart* Pewds: *vietnam flashback*
max quinn lesmana
When you said donkey it reminded me of donkey from shrek😂😂😂
ChowLOL 8 napja
4 protection IV is the best. 3 protection IV with 1 fire protection IV has max fire protection. Blast protection is the worst to have
Whip Creemy
Whip Creemy 9 napja
I put my valuables in my do keys
commander gamez
7:53 I think he's talking about philz1a might be wrong tho
Siro 9 napja
You are looking so good!
Panic Monday
Panic Monday 9 napja
Why did he say "saddle" 😟 what's he gonna say next, bone meal?
game mobile
game mobile 9 napja
Đi anyone tell u that put correct amount of bookshelf can make enchant table lvl 30
Denzell David
Denzell David 9 napja
3:36 Pewdiepie face reveal put in 0.25
John Dibble
John Dibble 9 napja
Love how I just recently realized the red stuff on the red nether trees are blocks of netherwart
Bald Herobrinetube124
I like the intro
JackIsHere 10 napja
I knew straight away that it was a philza reference when he talked about jumping in a cave lmao
Raid Syed
Raid Syed 10 napja
people who don't watch live streams: "what the hell is happening"
AnomalousTick 10 napja
“I’m going to hell guys” you are literally in hell
Nero van de Spreng
23:39 I see lava maybe u missed it?
P4ND3lol 10 napja
is there a reason why he not revaling face cam I am a bit behind on live streams and videos
P4ND3lol 10 napja
11:41 the trasnition from woman to man. beautyyy
doris englund
doris englund 10 napja
”aouhw your mommy dye dye” AHHAHA LMAOOO
Himanish Goel
Himanish Goel 10 napja
Just realised 69 420 -1 -1 (replacement later) 58 024
Christian Delos Reyes S3
You can out the donkey in cart just mount in it and jump Hope its help!
Anjas M hidayat
Anjas M hidayat 10 napja
I waiting u for say ara ara
Phương Phạm
Phương Phạm 11 napja
17:12 true
Liam G
Liam G 11 napja
9:42 When that happens you can just right click wherever you want it to go
Elena ___
Elena ___ 11 napja
18:28 the piglet who lived
Big Ham
Big Ham 11 napja
The nether trees leaves are made out of nether wart blocks
Webby 11 napja
Btw the red trees have nether wart leaves
Bang Zek
Bang Zek 11 napja
Give me "SUBCRIBE". then you have included giving "HAPPINESS" for me. Thank you brother🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼
Bang Zek
Bang Zek 11 napja
Give me "SUBCRIBE". then you have included giving "HAPPINESS" for me. Thank you brother
Sydnie Nicewonger
Imagine how COOL it would be to call Felix your dad.. I thought of that after he murdered those childten
Shadow 11 napja
efficiency 5 shovel goes brrrrrrr!!
Johnyesyes - Mobile Legends
3:37 hand reveal thank me later
Sorry Bruno I got Purple Hazed
Ya better play Wild Rift mate.
Salman Alathel
Salman Alathel 11 napja
Joshi 11 napja
Kármà 11 napja
BLANCA from banana fish????
wooden controller
the thing is the red blocks are nether wart so huh
ledgebomb 12 napja
bro i leave stop watching for a few months what happened to pewdiepie
R, hero 영웅
R, hero 영웅 12 napja
Now this a video
jesse baker
jesse baker 12 napja
How he make his automatic farm
Gabriel Hutter
Gabriel Hutter 12 napja
He seriously looks like frickin' harry potter up in here
Man of the Toast
Elena ___
Elena ___ 12 napja
3:57 mussed an opportunity to say holy COW
yellow yo
yellow yo 12 napja
Deserts are growing and its bad , turning good land into useless deserts
This Is Bad....
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