I Found An Igloo In Minecraft (Life changing) 

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Igloo in minecraft bros wow
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maxxgamerz gaming
Nathan Sanchez
Nathan Sanchez 9 órája
Bro fist
Nathan Sanchez
Nathan Sanchez 9 órája
He’s best youtuber in world
Zonks 11 órája
bruh what are those shaders and how do i get them
big sur
big sur 14 órája
I found on too
Andresfotosman 15 órája
About the "Why are they making bread?": Villagers have an inventory where they keep seeds or food, so if they had wheat seeds at some point, there is a big chance they will use those instead of what you want them to harvest. You have to make sure they don't have the wheat seeds by either staying in their farm and taking the seeds from them when they plant them or by... "hiring" a new farmer that has got no wheat seeds... >:) Had the same issue some time ago. XP
Blue-Squirrel-12 16 órája
pewds is using BSL shaders, sildurs shaders look better but are more annoying because the sun and the god rays are insane. so just playing survivial and looking into distance is difficult to do. i would recommend BSL for survival and Sildurs for showing off a cool build or for B roll or maybe just i nice pic of your base!
Greg DjentyGuy
Greg DjentyGuy 16 órája
Dunno how long Pewds's had the Minecraft intros for, but they're awesome.
Yves York Balucio
Yves York Balucio 18 órája
We want sven here
Melissa Wood
Melissa Wood 19 órája
What is the beat in the background?
Matthew Seth
Matthew Seth 22 órája
Very fitting that an ad plays during stoinks montage
Charlotte Parker
Charlotte Parker 22 órája
The momentous donkey apically gaze because shingle distinctively clean on a irate angle. political, lethal hydrant
Evelyn Ureta
Evelyn Ureta 22 órája
장은희 Napja
Glc Animations
Hey pewdiepie i know how to make a vault to make your world cooler
Sam Owens
Sam Owens Napja
any one else think his face in the thumnail looks so young
Marcus Reyes
pewds you can put zombies under the villager and everytime you want them to be cheaper just infect and then cure them
ZenOrion62 is my ROBLOX name!!!!!
PewDiePie more like pukeypie
Asbjørn Eriksen
you can use trapdoor on cactus to make it look a little better
XxSamoray VEX7xX
2:11 "the dispenser dispenses it" -PewDiePie 2021
Dev Yogesh Dhamele
17:45 First I thought ‘why is he sleeping there, his spawn point will be set there’, but then I realised he is playing hardcore and spawn point doesn't matter in hardocore
BMC Team
BMC Team Napja
Where Is sven
Summer Cherry
Summer Cherry 2 napja
Can someone find the video where he says “put it down, put it down, put it down” really fast lmfao idk if it’s this one I’m skimming it haha
Hello my from Indonesia
Lawrence Frattaroli
Stoinks montage made my day
U B 2 napja
I'm irish!!!!
demie norris
demie norris 2 napja
anyone else wanna watch the next episode but cant because i cant join the membership thing :/
Are you going to join the purge smp
Brad Gameplays
the phantom's are like parents telling their child to go to bed and stop playing or they wil take your stuff away. 😂
Yado Lina
Yado Lina Napja
Except that instead of verbal scolding the bite off pieces of your flesh
Zultrafury [Old Channel]
23:01 swede discovers horrifying soviet experiment (circa 1989)
Nathan Quimby
Nathan Quimby 2 napja
When are you going to finish Doom 3
James E
James E 2 napja
Chikita bonita is lowkey character of the series
Niclas Friis Breinbjerg
Which mods and texturepacks does he use?
vertraut Kuchentv
subscribe äo toad
Obama Prism
Obama Prism 2 napja
pewds: so annoying they're making me lag shaders: am i a joke to you
Paulkenken Cabunyag
U need to trade them first so they don't lose they trades when you break like composters or lectern
Mehdi,s Paint Shop
Superhero fan Hi
when you get an ad in the middle of the montage
Ilya Yastrebenetsky
I love da texture. Btw lazarbeam killed you in minecraft
Nightfall 3 napja
This is my first time watch minecraft pie
zentroz 3 napja
Guys im late but wanna know what outro song pewdiepie?
Bob Ross
Bob Ross 3 napja
Fortax Sk
Fortax Sk 3 napja
do you like CocoMelon? I don't 😁
Ijuli0x 3 napja
미라클 3 napja
한국인 찾음...
Martin Comire-Ball
GalaxyStar BS
GalaxyStar BS 3 napja
Ramiro Harricharran
Y the pay wall on newest vid is not cool😭
DJ Noone
DJ Noone 3 napja
"I could make a house out of emeralds' LTN: hold my beer
Mamta Dahiya
Mamta Dahiya 3 napja
DennisDkSebastian Olsen
No abs? Just play the video to 2 seconds before end. And reply it... thanks me later 😇
ePicuBer13 3 napja
yoooo I suddenly saw a minecraft ad with george not found and sapnap and dream
Clive ward
Clive ward 3 napja
He doesn’t realise the dragon will be super easy with full netherite lmao
Raykhe Jeffer
Raykhe Jeffer 3 napja
The mountainous saw subsequently watch because locust angiographically scream next a tasty port. female fertile, normal bandana
Clive ward
Clive ward 3 napja
Haven’t watched one of these in months you’ve gotten better
Bronte 3 napja
Go find some diamonds.
Arjith Pakkru
Arjith Pakkru 3 napja
Plz do minecraft with tommy innt
Doris 3 napja
wich part is this? (of the series)
Sina Azizi
Sina Azizi 3 napja
Kiro Monke
Kiro Monke 3 napja
Airidas Soltanas
YOU HAVE 109 MILLION subs and you make people pay you 5 dollars to watch your new minecraft video xdddd what happened ??? Will you ask people to pay you 30 dollars so you can make 1 joke? WOW?
oscurodous 3 napja
That money goes to charity...
Dev 3 napja
Also the members get early access to the videos, non members will get the videos kinda late
DatsunMemes 4 napja
Totally life-changing
Demetri Own Taylor
Thats right.
Pierogi_Plays 4 napja
what shaders does pewds use
dato gamer
dato gamer 4 napja
its bad
Aditya TIWARI 4 napja
How does this farm work? When I set it up, it takes a lot of time to actually function. I am talking about that automatic potato farm btw.
dylan pangilinan
Anyone know the music at 17:33
정영미 4 napja
Anamika Saha
Anamika Saha 4 napja
You are a noob you say India lose 2 years ago but search You America you lose and see the result by Indian HUrunrs
Даня Щербаков
Рейд от даниидрус
يحي ك ببجي
Bernard Neser
Bernard Neser 4 napja
Jou poes
Yohann Aingelo SISTEVERIO
one like if u miss coco
Lena Oxton
Lena Oxton 4 napja
Clicked just cuz I wanna see Felix say "igloo"
Lena Oxton
Lena Oxton 4 napja
Sometimes I forget Felix plays this in Survival...
Mizu Altaria
Mizu Altaria 4 napja
Best Sword Enchants ever: Looting III Fire aspect II Unbreacking III Knockback II Mending I Sharpness V
Fadli Apriliano
Bang review map erpan 1140
big cat Nation
Subscribe to big cat nation please
Meredith Cruz
Meredith Cruz 5 napja
Is the “I Found Badlands in Minecraft” supposed to be member exclusive?
Jeet Trivedi
Jeet Trivedi 5 napja
I guess it will be available to us after a while, like on monday
vinylpony 5 napja
The cleric can give you pearls
Maracujá Player
Algum brasileiro?
TheEMaster _
TheEMaster _ 5 napja
Trey Griffith 2003
Pewdiepie is so famous don't watch him much at all but I don't mind his vids
alin 21
alin 21 5 napja
Fac iu men
alin 21
alin 21 5 napja
Christopher Perez
Do you know what shaders he uses?
Bader eddine
Bader eddine 5 napja
ذكر عن النبي محمد عليه الصلاة و السلام أنه من حفظ عشر آيات من سورة الكهف عصم من الدجال، و في رواية : من أواخر سورة الكهف. الحديث في صحيح مسلم. و الله ولي التوفيق.
ابن ادلب
Terence 5 napja
RIP God church, pewds don't need it anymore
ᴡᴏᴡᴡᴡᴡᴡ ғᴜʟʟ ʀᴇᴀʟɪᴛʏ ᴏʀɢɪɴᴀʟ ʀᴛx ᴍɪɴᴇᴄʀᴀғᴛ
Mehrunes86 5 napja
Igloo, atleast it's not I-Glue like Gluerilla😂
haroindaddy 5 napja
i actually hate the fact that i can watch all of ur minecraft vids except ur new one since it’s for the tier gangs 😐 disappointment pewds.
cameron thompson
i know :/ i don’t have enough money to buy it but i enjoy his vids
Katey Kaley
Katey Kaley 4 napja
Becoming a member isn't even available in my country :/
Namaste Roasting
India here
manoj aggarwal
Why pewds is making his minecraft series members content....
Angel Dev
Angel Dev 2 napja
To make money and it goes to charity
cameron thompson
i know i really enjoy these but i don’t have the money to buy members:(
Hoang Van Khoa
look at that, im Dream :))
Beast Off
Beast Off 6 napja
Nice Video
Dio Fahry
Dio Fahry 6 napja
PewDiePie is better than T Series
MattMatters 6 napja
Yo his face filter looks just like Felix :OOOOO
Kyran Mitchell
11:39 Yes...
Rupert Matienzo
when people say its not cool but they cant even do it
This Is Bad....
Megtekintés 4,2 M
I Hate Kids
Megtekintés 4,8 M