I actually hate this - Minecraft Hardcore #5 

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Sevastiane Sanchez
F in the chat
TG BRIX 6 órája
When he didn't loot the blacksmith !@#$%^$$%^%#$%&*^%##!@%45!$@#%^%^!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Josue Cifuentes
Josue Cifuentes 11 órája
How i write the name of the bee xd?
Joshua Shirah
Joshua Shirah 18 órája
Imagine enchanting and choosing unbreaking over sharpness 3
Schala 23 órája
i hate nether
Charlemagne Molina
This is no place for a horse.
Rob Sale
Rob Sale Napja
Press calls us dumb and that he needs silk touch when he didn’t even use the campfire
geovany galindo
He may not be the best player but you gotta admit he builds some pretty good storage rooms though
Jimin's pinky
Diamond pickaxe: dies Felix: _if diamond pickaxe dies, so must everyone else_
Phoebe C
Phoebe C Napja
Does he forget how to play Minecraft as soon as he starts a new world 🤣
The Bone King
The Bone King 2 napja
Pewds: *doesn’t do it right* Also pewds: dumb kids
Halia Mariex
Halia Mariex 2 napja
He didn’t get any of the loot from the village....
Nathan Quimby
Nathan Quimby 2 napja
Are you going to finish Doom 3
Shaunak Kulkarni
His house went from laughable to envious
Alpinom 2 napja
pewds cheated in this video and the people who r thinking how can some 1 cheat in hardcore we can do that just by pressing ESC key then open to lan then allow cheats=on and then start lan world and then just change your gamemode to creative and he made things he did'nt have silk touch how did he got stone
Karen Xu
Karen Xu 2 napja
Your so evil Pewd You jeep killing inosent mobs and you stole the villagers bed and you steel so much stuff from the village.
Harry Lord
Harry Lord 2 napja
He walked straight passed the blacksmith
Tamir Hadad
Tamir Hadad 3 napja
LixariumOz 3 napja
Poggers Butthole
*The nostalgia of Pewds singing Tobuscus's song.*
الإسلام ديني
العربي يثبت وجوده
Jun Jun
Jun Jun 3 napja
0:43 *Video Starts*
Jack Ellis
Jack Ellis 4 napja
14:34 what lol that’s floating sand
Just Dj
Just Dj 4 napja
Do a video showing all your tattos and what would you like to do more (i lost me, im at 60 maybe?)
Katie Miler
Katie Miler 4 napja
So wait... first of all RIP diamond pickaxe *insert sad music*. But second of all last time he found a book of mending... SO WHY DIDN'T HE PUT IT ON HIS PICKAXE!!!!
he picked unbreaking over sharpness 3...
ALPHA 5 napja
i play on that seed lol
Yasser Sakr
Yasser Sakr 5 napja
Abrahim Soleiman
it was bugging ne like hell
Karim mezher
Karim mezher 5 napja
Reham Mohamed
Reham Mohamed 6 napja
Pewds, you make me feel happy, I watch nearly 6 to 10 minutes of your videos every 45 minutes I study.
d did he just pass up sharpness 3 for unbreaking 2?
Gaio 6 napja
2:47 Where did he come from, Cotton Eye Joe
ZumbaDieHard 7 napja
Brooke Brown
Brooke Brown 8 napja
what 8 furnaces
HyperxD 8 napja
Twitch HypsterTIGER.... I Will Post this comment till Pewdiepie notice my Twitch ^^
I love Pewdiepie
I dunno why I’m addicted to these hardcore series they are like......DAMN....!!?
Артём . Марвэл
Я один русский
it's raed
it's raed 8 napja
Asss update
it's raed
it's raed 8 napja
ShadowSnake 9 napja
Woah house looks big pp
S Tucker
S Tucker 9 napja
Marc Gabriel Espino
Did pewd just cheated? :< I guess he changed the mode to creative to fix his house and turn it back to survival because if you noticed his stairs it's not made of cobblestones :
Autumn Eller
Autumn Eller 9 napja
I love that he never remembers the empty hand thing when taming a horse.
Robin Ogle
Robin Ogle 9 napja
I’ve always thought it was bone meal? Seriously, is it not??? Someone please tell me I’ve wanted to know this since his last Minecraft play through when I heard it the first time.
Ryan Moreno
Ryan Moreno 9 napja
jinwoos_unni 777
When he said “saddle” instead of “saiydle “ my soul died.
khadija Alawadhi
why did he kill the cat😭😭😭😭😭😭
Spyder _v
Spyder _v 9 napja
Nice name pffft
Jacob Lodder
Jacob Lodder 9 napja
Last title: I’m quitting Minecraft forever
Teeks 10 napja
Eye Eye Eye
Teeks 10 napja
Song at 3:38?
Daxterfied -
Daxterfied - 10 napja
Did he make a tobuscus reference?
Septic_Eye_ Revolution
Pewds is improving all the buildings in this Minecraft World so incredibly much off camera that the whole structure is completely advanced! Thanks for all the energy you put in the series! Minecraft Hardcore is an absolute piece of art with all the exploring, crafting, making the amazing friend like Pfffffff and Joergen, we do appreciate all of your enthusiasm for the series on the HUrun Channel!
GOD OF FIRE! 11 napja
Craft a bee hive
LEE ZI JUN Moe 11 napja
Pends forgot to loot the bLacksmiths house
LEE ZI JUN Moe 11 napja
Pewds sorry typo
Qaysar Faizal
Qaysar Faizal 11 napja
When I Do Hardcore I Died Cause Enchanted Crossbow Pillagers
Nikola Milev
Nikola Milev 11 napja
Finaly you made your house better
How do you make those signs?
Patrick Dunn
Patrick Dunn 12 napja
that creeper could have killed brffphtfitlpgrhptppte
GalacticGamerX7 12 napja
My fav series of all time no joke👽🥁🛸
DorkyAF 12 napja
watching pewdiepie go past the blacksmith felt like a personal attack
chris granado
chris granado 13 napja
??tippet typify tip tap tap snip snap snip snap do you know the physical toll 3 vasectomies has on a person?
Reweri White-Hunter
placing a campfire underneath a beehive wont let you break it, it lets you collect honeycomb from the hive to make more beehives.
Judicial 14 napja
ur pool isnt deep enough, u r.
José Miguel Riaño Jiménez
Speew Run XD
The Ranjid
The Ranjid 14 napja
Why do I feel pain when the sad music plays... istg im remembering everyone in rhe series before who died. ㅠㅠ
OoTee 14 napja
11:51 rip monitor
Akosi Dogie fans
Hahah i laught this line strike from the trees
Akosi Dogie fans
Damm i love how felix organized his house
Ayth 14 napja
ExtremeRaider 14 napja
You could’ve got sharp 3 but choose the worst one ffs 🤣
Fluro Fire
Fluro Fire 15 napja
Pango 15 napja
50% of this video is pure proof that you don't need a crazy good pc to be a successful HUrunr ;)
Olivia Lake
Olivia Lake 15 napja
seeing a blacksmith and then watching felix not go into the blacksmith broke my heart
ماين كرافت / mini craft
Please suscribe 😢
I'm Russian:> But I speak English! Minecraft is my life!
Grace Brashears
Grace Brashears 15 napja
Felix singing just a few words of Diamond Sword just sent me to 2013 and watching Tobuscus flailing around in Minecraft. God I miss it
xWicked Soulx89
xWicked Soulx89 15 napja
i swear he was making me cringe when he was trying to bring his horse through the nether i didn't think he would make it through but he did yay Felix and his horse :)
Sweet and Funny Animals
Would you look on my channel? I have very well dogs videos. Have a good watching. 🐶🐶🐶
Judd 16 napja
2:32 lmao 🤣🤣
Precision Unicycling
we all know he went into creative mode for the house makeover " I did some building off camera"
Jamie Ransberry
Jamie Ransberry 16 napja
17:47 “it’s still a work in a progress”
Dejan Rajsic
Dejan Rajsic 16 napja
You are like my friend, why you two are trying to kill cats
Noor Ahmad
Noor Ahmad 16 napja
you are kill baby bad bad bad bad bad
nug 17 napja
Did he go into creative to make the house?
medium ace
medium ace 17 napja
Javier Cervantes
"don't worry you're safe with me nothing bad has ever happened to my friends" sean: *Saoirse dies* *sam jr dies* *Seamus despawns* Seamus jr dies*
Clad Erma
Clad Erma 17 napja
14:14 He just got off and kept him there and he didn't attempt to push him off I laughed so hard after that
Ascobal 17 napja
*bone meat*
Hayden Fitzgerald
When he didn’t loot the blacksmith 😪
Aseel Majed
Aseel Majed 17 napja
PeWds: there's nothing out there Bfft: yes, a beehive
Darth Makroth
Darth Makroth 17 napja
15:50 my mind: this house is actually starting to look *ok* 5 seconds later: nah
guicc banana
guicc banana 17 napja
20:51 me : how dare you
Clash Boy YT
Clash Boy YT 18 napja
Queen Adri
Queen Adri 18 napja
That creeper said welcome to my trashy neighborhood😭now ur included in it🤣
Connor Sage
Connor Sage 18 napja
13:05 - thats what she said
Rayz Rusher
Rayz Rusher 18 napja
The way he jumped on the bridge 😳
Papers, Please!
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