Cyberpunk - pART 5 

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we play the new cyberpunk 2070 game
FULL PLAYLIST HERE: hurun.info/to/vide/i4eUsn6Myqeamqs.html
playthrough of the cyberpunk 2070 epic sries epic
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Nathan Quimby
Nathan Quimby 2 napja
Are you going to finish Doom 3
i never used a weapon like an pencil before.
Divid linda87 Joysing987**
The honorable brass ecologically drum because grandmother predictably destroy vice a boorish eyebrow. faint fair, nostalgic novel
russianvoodoo 6 napja
Why does it look so average even on a top streamer's computer?
Mcboyo 7 napja
I will always support what he intends to do on his channel, but he's just not the same anymore. I remember way back in 2012 - 2013 I used to watch him play The Walking Dead and Beyond: Two Souls, and Pewd's attention span was waaay better, as in he used to focus on what was going on and had an interest in the story. Now every game like this he plays you can tell that love is gone.
HyperxD 8 napja
Twitch HypsterTIGER.... I Will Post this comment till Pewdiepie notice my Twitch ^^
Lincon Salles
Lincon Salles 9 napja
Português Brazil. Estou com muitos dividas e preciso de uma ajuda. Você poderia me ajudar com uma quantia que não vá lhe atrapalhar. Sou um trabalhador que ganho aproximadamente U$ 600.00 por mês e não consigo dar uma casa pra minha mãe, como eu gostaria de dar a ela e não consigo. Se você poder ou se alguém ler até aqui se poderia me ajudar, por favor. Minha mãe já está com 63 anos e ainda mora de aluguel. Se ainda estiver aí vou colocar aqui a minha conta e quem sabe alguém possa me ajudar a conquistar a casinha para ela. Brazil. Bank Itaú S.A. account 8219. 374116. Meu Nome: Lincon David Alves Salles. Pode ser qualquer valor só para ajudar. Agradeço de coração.
CYBERPUNK From Polska 🇵🇱
_pandaflame _
_pandaflame _ 10 napja
Кипер пунк
Sakonema 14 napja
Gas pump, gas canisters, fuel containers, land mines + bugs = Good Time 39:16 What where you saying? Melee weapons are the best thing is this game. 1:47:34 You better not die in this mission even once. You hear me? Zero deaths. 1:52:19 Cheater confirmed. Because you didn't pay any attention to the quest. Then you go bitching how bad quests are in games. Get REKT! .. by yourself. You don't even know why you are using breach all the time (and you should not use it)becase your priority is staring at the chat and nagging about quests you pay no attention to. I always kill and loot everyone so I don't miss craftable items. Now that I know which items matter and where they are, not looting seems like a plan. Then again, I shoot for 10k-500k per shot and even then Katana is better. You just forgot to pick it up at arasaka tower before jackie was alive. (Satori) Entertainer approach vs gamer approach I guess.
GABRIEL VR45 14 napja
Knaby 142
Knaby 142 15 napja
Kenu reves
Arief Prasetio Widyanto
Actually the game much way cooler with japanese audio feels like an anime 😎
Abigail Mendoza
Abigail Mendoza 18 napja
I love this game.
Momon Plays
Momon Plays 19 napja
My dream is to stream like this. ❤️ but i think i cant do it anymore because i dont have money to buy tools or pc for this. so im just watching pewd' and try to imagine that im the who playing it haha
李威志 20 napja
1:45:12 Johnny could've chosen to just disappear, but he rolled off the ledge of a thirty-meter high building like rolling out of his bed. What a man.
Quill 22 napja
Wonder why he stopped playing... it was actually interesting unlike all those boring as hell minecraft gameplays.
Ebba 23 napja
He really doesn't finish any gameplay anymore, amnesia rebirth now cyberpunk... it`s fucking sad
Demon' Eddrogade
Let me do what he wants man. I understand how you feel but we can’t force him to finish it
Jacob Alden
Jacob Alden 24 napja
An ok game but this series was extremely frustrating to watch. Not even from a gameplay standpoint. I just found myself skipping ahead so fucking much.
IbeAwesome 25 napja
Why didn't he finish this playthrough? Did he say anything about it
Yveryen 12 napja
He probably didn’t enjoy and I don’t blame him
Ivan ISHERE 25 napja
Will there ever be a sequal? Or are we forever condemned to this crippling cliff hanger
RdL 26 napja
this game sucks and you know it
IbeAwesome 22 napja
@Mattejko Because that's how games work...? Games would be way too easy if it had realistic damage
Mattejko 22 napja
@IbeAwesome how will devs fix the fact that he sliced a guy in a tank top 10 times and didn't kill him
Mattejko 22 napja
@IbeAwesome no, its a shit game
IbeAwesome 25 napja
It really doesn't. Just because people had over the top expectations and it didn't deliver on them doesn't make it a bad game. It's flawed yes, but the devs will fix that eventually. It's a good game if you came into it with low expectations like me
gnuwaves 28 napja
its always fun to hear multi-million dollar franchises preach about the terror of capitalism. That's how you keep the poor poor my friends. stay thirsty
The Older Waitor
Waiting for pt. 6
Beast Azzrez
Beast Azzrez 29 napja
I liked this series so much why did he stop uploading whyyyyyy
Hail kspeeder
Hail kspeeder 29 napja
58:42 i swear he's doing it on purpose, missing out on an interaction with johnny
Gamers Zone
Gamers Zone Hónapja
Fun fact: The Character looks like an John Wick
Giovanni Garcia
@Karim Chakir whoosh
Giovanni Garcia
@Shiva Kailash whoosh
Karim Chakir
Karim Chakir 19 napja
It's bcz it is john wick or keanu reeves
Shiva Kailash
Shiva Kailash 19 napja
The character of Keanu reeves who played the character of John wick
TheSnowLeopard Hónapja
subscribe my channel!
_ZamZam325 _
_ZamZam325 _ Hónapja
Is there a part 6 on YT
Petra Hónapja
Holy hell this game is bad
IbeAwesome 25 napja
Nah. It's good. It's flawed yes, but good nonetheless
kirepaha Hónapja
I love original voice of Panam. In russian localisation she sounds so histerical that it feels like you are really a nanny to a little nasty girl who deserves no sympathy
Dev Kumar
Dev Kumar Hónapja
He has more than 100 million subscribers but the amount of views he gets is pathetic. 😂
kirepaha Hónapja
1:34:08 perfectly zoomed can't stop laughing
Elma Hónapja
Ben elma
MemeMaster 69
MemeMaster 69 Hónapja
This game was shitty and boring anyway
Seven B
Seven B Hónapja
Bruh don’t start the game if ur not gonna finish it this so stupid.
arpan maurya
arpan maurya 25 napja
Game is literally boring!
AboFlаh محبين
Are you a cyber bank?
SmoothGamer Hónapja
Nice videos!
Kobu .00
Kobu .00 Hónapja
For Fawx sakes Felix drive normally
God of Gaming
God of Gaming Hónapja
Cyberscam 2077
Paweł Ch
Paweł Ch Hónapja
Akhilan karthikeyan
Don't see the 6th part
nick Hónapja
“it sucks to be dead doesn’t-“ *dies*
Kaka Arka
Kaka Arka Hónapja
A.K.A LC Hónapja
Why did you change your HUrun picture
Ron Jasper
Ron Jasper Hónapja
King Cobra
King Cobra Hónapja
If you want to bro it out with Keanu go to Pacifica and fix the rollercoaster. You're welcome Felix.
Daniela Doláková
too bad he wont continue with this anymore, i was really enjoying it with him. for me it just feels weird watching it with some other gamer...
TheBagelBoy Jr
TheBagelBoy Jr Hónapja
@Jaybadaya The Rock Merchant idk, he hasn’t posted about the game in 3 weeks. Like he hasn’t even mentioned it in a vid, Idk man.
Jaybadaya The Rock Merchant
Is it like confirmed he stopped or will he maybe come back to it
Dat Boi Ulysses
Dat Boi Ulysses Hónapja
The guy from fortnite has a video game???
Teehee186 Hónapja
Why are the views so low? He never gets below 3m views ?
Kendric Laframboise
Subscribe to Eminem vevo
Matthew Seth
Matthew Seth Hónapja
“Who leaves a meal like that?” - Felix 2021 (the second hungriest man alive)
Matthew Seth
Matthew Seth Hónapja
He toned down his “women are bad drivers” joke real quick 😂 nice save lol internet = smol sensitive PP
spongeNUTs Hónapja
Matthew Seth
Matthew Seth Hónapja
*says he likes the rap song as a passive apology for accidental racial remark* lol
Matthew Seth
Matthew Seth Hónapja
Felix good sir, if you’d like a funnier storyline, then you should try the edgy dialogue because the overall story will be the same.
Matthew Seth
Matthew Seth Hónapja
Lol Felix has always been a speed runner
CG GAMER 82 Hónapja
His video with least view is this 1.3million -cg gamer 82 2021 January
SxmmerPlays Hónapja
Me: Sees Keanu Reeves in thumbnail.. Also me: Remembers Keanu Reeves from Spongebob: Sponge on the Run.
Nathan Holt
Nathan Holt Hónapja
so sad he had to end this stream after accidentally showed his characters PP
Que Te Importa
Que Te Importa Hónapja
How are this the same guys from the witcher?
Pola & Tiger
Pola & Tiger Hónapja
Why do people like this game?
BaseAvatar Hónapja
cyberpunk 2021
nicole baby
nicole baby Hónapja
you really be bringing knives to gun fights
Kacper sky
Kacper sky Hónapja
Polska gurom polska gra
SkyTzy!!! Hónapja
God is good all the time Jesus is king amen!!!
TheBagelBoy Jr
TheBagelBoy Jr Hónapja
Uhohhotdog Gaming
Why is his game audio always so much quieter than his mic
KapyKaleb Hónapja
Finish the game
Julián Gross
Julián Gross Hónapja
Rajarshi Biswas
Rajarshi Biswas Hónapja
I hope Pewds continues the cyberpunk playthrough some time soon.
F&Y Hónapja
Can you help my channel grow?
Gunny ASMR거니
You are handsome
TheBagelBoy Jr
TheBagelBoy Jr Hónapja
Danidu Dameera
Danidu Dameera Hónapja
CyberPunk more like BoringPunk
TheBagelBoy Jr
TheBagelBoy Jr Hónapja
... fantastic
derloo Hónapja
Pewd where are you? Where is HUrun rewind and next cyberpunk part? Crowd is cheering for more!
TheBagelBoy Jr
TheBagelBoy Jr Hónapja
He quit the series
The ultimate creative bros
my name is Nicholas and you? it's time to sleep my daddy said by
Medo TV
Medo TV Hónapja
Ahmad Syawal
Ahmad Syawal Hónapja
I like love this cyberpunk gameplay cuz pewds never want to be hardcore player but he just play his own style
Sunny #29
Sunny #29 Hónapja
Watching pewds in through the change of decade! 😉
Azmain Bhuiyan
Azmain Bhuiyan Hónapja
2:13:25 he talking about bangladeshis for sure
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Sub a Princess V Art
te diré a don de te puedes suscribir
Sub a Princess V Art
te diré a don de te puedes suscribir
Sub a Princess V Art
Arqueiro Verde
Arqueiro Verde Hónapja
@greenarcher8 my Instagram
John Fitzgerald
John Fitzgerald Hónapja
??? Hónapja
GameRoom 55
GameRoom 55 Hónapja
Good video
Jumi Hónapja
Lm7147 Hónapja
___ Hónapja
Gabriel Kean Limon
How much gb is that
Crazy Gaming
Crazy Gaming 2 hónapja
I love Takemuras voice
LiamIsMythical 2 hónapja
This was my favourite pART
jachuciachu 2 hónapja
Its Polish game?
kxvtr1 2 hónapja
that opening animation is fuckin sick wth
artyfm 2 hónapja
2:50:20 I think pewds has been watching "Let's Game it Out"
Wiktor Dedko
Wiktor Dedko 2 hónapja
To jest polska gra tu są polacy | \ /
Lethargic Moonshifter
[insert polish cow meme]
Agung R
Agung R 2 hónapja
"SUPPORT ME" Please 💖
ALMAKER / FELINE 2 hónapja
Peace be upon you my beloved. I provide content about games and applications. We wish you to see my channel and I am sure that you will like it and you will subscribe
Multi Sexy
Multi Sexy 2 hónapja
Light Yagami
Light Yagami 2 hónapja
That T pose was legendary
stan kidofu
stan kidofu 2 hónapja
panam really SHOULD ask herself if shes still an avocado!
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