Animal Crossing Christmas With Marzia Special 

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Emily Liu
Emily Liu 5 órája
ik this is offtopic but pewds you should try genshin impact
kittynugget 8 órája
Your island is so cool!
Karl Zedrick Nonato
its nice :D
Nathan Quimby
Nathan Quimby 2 napja
Are you going to finish Doom 3
Helena Brito
Helena Brito 2 napja
"hihihi :>" moments 8:50 11:54 18:31 19:31
filthycig 2 napja
does anyone know the street design code lol
하늘 스카이
PewDiePie, I'm your fan.
Jesus Cortez
Jesus Cortez 3 napja
looks nice
Nic Crossing
Nic Crossing 3 napja
Adie Gumabao
Adie Gumabao 3 napja
That's a recorder not a flute
Celeste Campos
I love at 24:15 Felix doesn’t realize he ran over a cockroach
Soul Angela
Soul Angela 4 napja
Loved this video, it was adorable
Chan Wei Da
Chan Wei Da 5 napja
Piero _05
Piero _05 5 napja
I almost slept lmao
Deku Fan
Deku Fan 5 napja
please like this so PewDiePie will know how to make his flower breeding neat make an invisable custom design and put it around the flower perimeter to make it not over grow
ireiasu 5 napja
I demand u to post more acnh againnnnn both of u are just too cute 😭🥺
Marie Ramos
Marie Ramos 6 napja
Here you see that Marzia has anger issues with pasta and Felix
Senpai Kai
Senpai Kai 6 napja
noice dude, Wakanda soo cozy
J Merchant
J Merchant 7 napja
aphonia 7 napja
We need marzia’s dream address
Christian kolenc
@pewdiepie hate comment
Brody Gatlin
Brody Gatlin 8 napja
We've added a new competitor to pp tower, "nostril flute"
HyperxD 8 napja
Twitch HypsterTIGER.... I Will Post this comment till Pewdiepie notice my Twitch ^^
buddy holly
buddy holly 9 napja
hey Felix its nice
de bro skee
de bro skee 10 napja
whats that at 0:44
Abigail Sizemore
Who’s watching this while playing animal crossing? 👇
Silly Little Rainbow Child
Felix with his balloon 😂 cutest thing ever
Sam Stedman
Sam Stedman 12 napja
anyone know the song at 13:35 :)
riino lee
riino lee 12 napja
nice and cozy
Tyrese Keyter
Tyrese Keyter 12 napja
Did they just tell us they have a role play fantasy?
Shawty Lil baddie
Yess do more acnh content it’s so good
Bradley Appleby
Bradley Appleby 12 napja
T H I S I S A D O R A B L E . . .
Indianslav S
Indianslav S 13 napja
Marzia: blows bubbles on Felix. Felix: Amazing!
Hamburger 13 napja
When Marzia said "call me santa" a millesecond before she changed costumes I thought she was doin some kinky shit or sum
Hamburger 13 napja
Felix: aww so cute Marzia: this is where I slaughter my enimies' children.
Hamburger 13 napja
Give us more bitch
YuNG ZiLLA 13 napja
This was so wholesome
Mo 14 napja
Animal crossing new horizon is just the best . It’s the one.🙌👌
Goodguy Typhlosion
ننو ATR
ننو ATR 14 napja
هههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههآإٱيۧۜـﮯۣۧ .. ↷͢❤️┊ LOVYꝒ
Sweet and Funny Animals
Would you look on my channel? I have very well dogs videos. Have a good watching. 🐶🐶🐶
Simon Arthroscopy
That’s a really well designed island. Love it. Good job. More compliments.
Khalid Ali
Khalid Ali 16 napja
*hate comment.*
Sarah Dunn
Sarah Dunn 16 napja
It’s cozy it’s nice
Ethan 17 napja
and cozy...
Ethan 17 napja
it's nice
Ryan Chin
Ryan Chin 18 napja
I want what they have please
Michael Cuozzo
Michael Cuozzo 18 napja
“Tomare” Also means joe mama in marzia’s dialect 😂
Nani Andrea
Nani Andrea 19 napja
The first minutes are just agressibly asking for compliments
Geoff Alpert
Geoff Alpert 19 napja
Hi dad
FearBoy 20 napja
hate comment
Paid Doge
Paid Doge 19 napja
So you chose death
Anthony Markus
Anthony Markus 20 napja
the themepark is noice!!
FomToster 21 napja
thats so cute!
I make edits and stuff
"aww its a volcano!!" lmaooooo
Jean 21 napja
Marzia's a legit animal crossing wizard. I'm a god damn peasant
Princess Sweet Shy
Felix: "If I see a single hate comment, you're banned from life" Ad: "New life. New beginnings. Get a home loan now"
cheonsanim 22 napja
marzia's island is SOO COOOL
S Coolman
S Coolman 22 napja
I have to save up money to buy a Nintendo switch to play animal crossing! 😀
Beatriz Mojica
Beatriz Mojica 22 napja
soy boy
Addy Rebo
Addy Rebo 22 napja
His island is really cozy and we'll organized
Michelle PENG
Michelle PENG 22 napja
Your islands is way better than my island. I really like your island :)
eleanor 23 napja
felix: cOzY
Parham 23 napja
مرضیه سلام☺️
Siti Khairani
Siti Khairani 23 napja
Awwwwww this is so cute Pewds being soft for Marzia is ♥️♥️♥️
foolish kai
foolish kai 24 napja
Wish i had an island like either of these
Carter Chong plays
I got golden rose
Megajiwcc Gaming
Hahhhaa this intro same like CocoMelon.
grxxn_tea 24 napja
"i love my island its so cool!" **someone in the back wanting to move**
exoxop 25 napja
This is so wholesome
Fox gaming clips
It's nice
MetaKnight X6
MetaKnight X6 25 napja
Since u have a switch can u then do super smash bros as well pls
4u1ia ._
4u1ia ._ 25 napja
LiNkified0 26 napja
I got this game for Christmas *Played for 160 hours*
Eggsy 26 napja
please pewds tell us your island dream code
Tasso Demo
Tasso Demo 27 napja
2:35 “”at the time it was cool” Fym “at the time” bruh it’s been 7 months and my island still looks garbage.
Marne van Vliet
Marne van Vliet 27 napja
2:30 Pewdiepie: ignore ignore Me: you are saying nothing here
Lonan Rose
Lonan Rose 27 napja
Dude your island is sick
Turkish Hitler
Turkish Hitler 27 napja
bUm bir türk yokmu 🇹🇷 👁👄👁
Carl Ivan Simbre
Your Wakanda Is Nice bro 😬
Luna Matias
Luna Matias 27 napja
19:27 berryyy cute hahahah:D
samira sabah
samira sabah 27 napja
تبارك الله عليكم الله يعطيكم الصحه ما عندي ما يتسالك بالتوفيق ان شاء الله كنتمنى تزوريني شكرا 🙏❤️❤️❤️
uil_nib 28 napja
22:37 It’s a trap!
Hm why is there a star in the path hmmm🤔🤔🤔
darkCr1mS0N ki3hl
tilaa Jimputin1
tilaa Jimputin1 29 napja
Plis sub jimputin 1
tilaa Jimputin1
tilaa Jimputin1 29 napja
Plis sub jimputin 1
Ivan Wong
Ivan Wong 29 napja
it's call "Dim Sum"
Lily 29 napja
No pasta 🤣🤣🤣🤣for u😅
Flames Zoy
Flames Zoy Hónapja
It’s nice
Oliver Taylor
Oliver Taylor Hónapja
OMG! I didnt know felix also had tutu! Tutu is adorable!
Krying Karrot
Krying Karrot Hónapja
Your wrong pewds it goes: Pufferfish Pugs Godless creations Then you Lol
Amie Stoppard
Amie Stoppard Hónapja
He really forgot how to play though
Hailey Vella
Hailey Vella Hónapja
The table is called a lazy susan.
AI Product
AI Product Hónapja
Willie-Mae Mckinzy
Sooooo fucking cute. I miss her channel so damn much, she's so kind silly and fun.
jhian mao rana
jhian mao rana Hónapja
still beter than the cyber punkngame play
Fly Gamer
Fly Gamer Hónapja
How can you get different color lamp post??
anna Hónapja
I wanna play animal crossing so bad after watching this video
Jekyll J
Jekyll J Hónapja
Animal Crossing with Marzia
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