Americas Cheapest Family... 

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Tinki Vinki
Tinki Vinki 7 perccel
Feel bad for the second kids, jeeze, what the fuck?
marijus goncarovas
marijus goncarovas 10 perccel
I mean my carpet cost like 20 bucks
Some Dude
Some Dude 34 perccel
chickens are pretty low maintenance, u just need a secure pen, be able to lock them up in the coop at night, give them food scraps and check for eggs
MeliodasWrath 44 perccel
wouldn't it cost a lot more to care for the chickens than just buy a dozen eggs for like $2?
TheBhaiSaab 54 perccel
I watched an interview where Jordan admitted TLC put her up to that toilet paper one and that even she was like WTF 😂
sophia Órája
5 minute crafts exposed!!!!
Daniel Morales
10:50 $4000!!!!!
Do they not know how to mix volume levels?
TheBhaiSaab Órája
Thank you for continuing your TLC series lmao I've re-watched the 90 Day Fiance vids so many times, I was trying to manifest new content 🤣
Deven Das
Deven Das Órája
America’s least sanitary Family
Michael Cormier
best INTRO yet!
Ripperlipper 101
It’s actually more expensive to take care of animals and plants than to buy them but I’d rather grow my own it’s worth the money it’s more healthy and fun
Blizzzard Wolf
He coulda cleaned the carpet
Emmie Lachlake
Emmie Lachlake 2 órája
The intro is just and intro to hikyuu
The banana lord Who rules all
I haven’t seen anybody talking about raid shadow legends
Lucious Weeb
Lucious Weeb 2 órája
Cps needs to take the second lady’s kid how are you gonna ration a child on cereal💀🌚
Vere_925 2 órája
Play little nightmares 2
Joseph Mattina
Joseph Mattina 2 órája
Pog intro
Joel Orr
Joel Orr 2 órája
Poods lookin like he got the coof
ZK Y 2 órája
I don't understand why they all live in big houses in the suburbs. if they really wanna live cheap, why not just have a tiny home and live off the land near like a river?
MXFT 2 órája
just to let you know pewds the second couple was forced by production to buy the pig chickens and all that they didn’t want too, but they told them to do it for TV
Encased 2 órája
“Swedish Man Laugh at Poor People” - 1969, colorized
Riley B
Riley B 3 órája
How cheap do you have to be to do that stuff
Red Reaper
Red Reaper 3 órája
Does pewds have COVID
Sara A.
Sara A. 3 órája
lmao the pig thing reminds me of when we went to my dads friends farm and he asked me which sheep i liked most then asked me to name it.. fast forward two hours later we finish dinner and he tells me lulu was my dinner (i was 8) 😃!!!!
Wes R.
Wes R. 4 órája
He just doesn't know how to fix shit. HUrun exists
Musiktheoretiker 4 órája
HE DID NOT JUST FREAKING TACK THE CARPET!!!!!!!!!!!! I had to spend literal days ripping up carpet tack when we changed our basement floor and it made me go deaf in my left ear for like a week. F-ing hate carpet tack
Elite_ ReTAreDEd
Elite_ ReTAreDEd 4 órája
They probably use plastic bag as condom
Немања Чукић
My nigga the video you're rewieving is too quiet compared to you
Miikka 4 órája
i mean you can get a decent sofa for like a few hundred bucks used like what the fuck, my back hurts just think of sitting on that brown stool
kyla chhaly
kyla chhaly 4 órája
i swear pewdiepie had already made a vid to this
Seb 4 órája
do you save water? Cuz I wouldn't wanna swim in that the next day. Id be refreshing that pool on the daily
The Bookkeeper
The Bookkeeper 4 órája
If I hate both gaming and money can I still get Lords Mobile?
JackOH BOI 5 órája
I'm so excited to read the comments
CrusherOPM 5 órája
Brooo what happens to the toylet paper when someone gets the runs? lmaoo
James James
James James 5 órája
"but you think freedom is money well money has an end" David King
Savva 5 órája
that is the saddest fucking family ive seen in a while bahahaha
BlueBoy13 ______
BlueBoy13 ______ 5 órája
Anybody gonna talk about the tampon up his nose
Suwercidel On IG
Suwercidel On IG 5 órája
So they want to be cheap but are also looking to move into a bigger house...
rynn diane
rynn diane 6 órája
I love how he didn’t try to clean the carpet first....
JeebsyBeebsy 6 órája
This is what 5 minute crafts has done to people
Zerticle 6 órája
Don't most people take their furniture when they sell their house
Samuel Gonzalez
Samuel Gonzalez 6 órája
Pewdiepie is looking very sick in this video, I know it's the morning and all that, but especially nosebleeds and headaches could indicate hypertension, so if in any case you read this Felix, get yourself checked out.
Nullamount 6 órája
Pillow got skid marks on it
Calee Free
Calee Free 6 órája
"B****, F*** YOUR HIGHLIGHTS! I'M WIPIN MY A**!" That killed me lol
Shaker LeveledUp
Shaker LeveledUp 6 órája
So sure these guys may be cheap. But also. They seem to be a bit rude to others. Bothering the carpet guy. Asking to take someone elses furniture.
Jake Starr
Jake Starr 6 órája
i H A T E the second famliy
Emil BangOlsen
Emil BangOlsen 7 órája
you really need to fix the sound, the sound of the video was way to low because your mic was so high
adulfo dominguez
adulfo dominguez 7 órája
Not me watching this on my way delivering a pig to a customer
Jonathan Joestar
Jonathan Joestar 7 órája
Why does every person on tlc have a big home and be cheap
Potato Potato
Potato Potato 7 órája
Why must this family hurt me in this way
Sarah Greenwood
Sarah Greenwood 7 órája
People... where the cheapest family. They get Nike shoes
нуυηιχ. σтαкυ
When the kids were playing in the pool and it was set at 2x speed they sounded like when you play sims and speed it up😭😭⛓
Melker Nyblom
Melker Nyblom 7 órája
pewdiepies chanels is dying
christian mondia
christian mondia 7 órája
The damn intro men!!
Banana Squid
Banana Squid 7 órája
Chiken farm is good investment I have alot at my house, but half the time the don't even lay so xd
carpe diem
carpe diem 7 órája
They should hire a mexican chair people as Bruno did (Sasha Baron Coen) 😂
Andrew Wang
Andrew Wang 8 órája
Gelliane Cordeiro
In Brazil we call this gambiarra
That one guy
That one guy 8 órája
I can imagine the kids going to their friends' house and they'd think they're living in a mansion
Normalsage 8 órája
They have to have minimum wage jobs to be living this way
Aroko 76
Aroko 76 8 órája
5 minutes craft: right that down RIGHT THAT DOWN
eff whyi
eff whyi 8 órája
Want to skip that really long ad press this 3:04
lunurthundurrr 8 órája
Thats the stupid part about America, half us own way more property than we can afford and then complain about our bills.
Normalsage 8 órája
Bruh, they probably breast feed instead of actually buying milk costing a couple dollars
Kirsten Torre
Kirsten Torre 8 órája
i've seen this family before so when it got to the carpet part i was like i can't wait to see what he says about the way the "new carpet" gets installed
Blue Flame
Blue Flame 8 órája
3:00 is when ad is over
Juli J.
Juli J. 8 órája
I was not ready for that intro..
Justice Cunningham
"Living room furniture can cost up to 10, 20 thousand dollars" Never heard of department stores, Craigslist, Facebook marketplace, yard sales? Also, I recently bought a cheap showerhead for $0.99.
ibukunoluwa and David and Titi Ijiola
5-minute craft’s: takes notes 👁👄👁 📝
Sequence Zero
Sequence Zero 9 órája
That intro gave me MHA vibes, chills.
Bezerk 375
Bezerk 375 9 órája
Y pewds dissing carpet
CodAGonY 9 órája
I would call CPS on my own parents
James Ong
James Ong 9 órája
Holy carp cocomelon is on 106 million subs
Elder Dash Dimension
Enrico Zephan Valdez
C H 10 órája
anyone see the animated wallpaper pewds got? where tf do i get that
erina best girl
erina best girl 10 órája
can we appreciate that pewds watches anime
Milo 10 órája
that intro
• Helena •
• Helena • 10 órája
Not me getting excited when he showed the WWE TLC logo✋🏻😂
Jack Martin
Jack Martin 10 órája
Turn up the video volume
Freaky Default
Freaky Default 11 órája
intro was good looked like mha🧎🏻
Turtle 11 órája
Woah Ramses
Woah Ramses 11 órája
I never seen Felix laugh so hard 😭
Silas Bellino
Silas Bellino 11 órája
2:57 when the video starts.
thorchester 11 órája
I lost braincells watching this
Armane Devam
Armane Devam 11 órája
My house is 100K dolars in oure cauntre that is 1B
Latios Tech
Latios Tech 11 órája
Those chickens are males, lol!
Isa Rose Dooley
Isa Rose Dooley 12 órája
felix's hair looks like the Sydney opera house at this stage
Renee Luijken
Renee Luijken 12 órája
Me and my boyfriend moved in together and we bought a couch for 35 euros. Your living room doesn’t have to cost 10-20 thousand dollars. Just buy stuff second hand.
Ethan Cherry
Ethan Cherry 12 órája
When he laughs histarically at the crying kid
I'm a potato
I'm a potato 12 órája
I hope she knows that the animals need vaccinations
NEON RAHUL 12 órája
In India it's common lol 😂
Captain R-E-E K-I-D
Intro rules
levi’s white towel
level 1 in sims
SMB HiboTheHippo
SMB HiboTheHippo 12 órája
He's the kind of guy who would put duck tape on his condom so he could re use it
hideris 12 órája
the shower thing cost like 5or 10bucks and its controling not like bottle
r o s é
r o s é 12 órája
Drake C
Drake C 13 órája
... when was the last time this woman bought milk? $12???
Iuliana Ferariu
Iuliana Ferariu 13 órája
Cineva care a văzut video ul lui Andrei Cosmin înainte?
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