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Roni 12 órája
Twitter millennials are the worst, the US is so screwed cause these people are starting to take over politics and corporations.
David Knight
David Knight 12 órája
Wow they turned off comments to the original video - and that one chick is racist af.
black angel
black angel 12 órája
Epictetus is definetly ones of the best books that i've read, I've learnt a lot with and thank you for the discover Have a great day.
ABGH78 12 órája
But when I read a book I dont get millions of views "....da SocIEtY"
Damn this is real life
MrFire 12 órája
Remember when pewdiepie was in this video?
Döner 12 órája
i've waited so long for book review this has been the best day of this year
Konic 35
Konic 35 12 órája
Wow! Pewds can read. I didn’t know that
Whirly bird
Whirly bird 12 órája
GK 20
GK 20 12 órája
Hello there.
Quantum Ridge
Quantum Ridge 12 órája
Start a book club pls
Damonatar 12 órája
Famous Philosopher: Felix Pewdiepie
Jake Andrews
Jake Andrews 12 órája
The problem I have with stoicism is that it's a breeding ground for apathy, and an unwillingness to change the world as it just is. Although I do agree, as it regards to your personal life, understanding what you cannot change (about yourself for instance) is always a step in the right direction
KLanky Burd
KLanky Burd 12 órája
I am the 40,000th comment
BenS210 12 órája
I can’t believe PewDiePie doesn’t care about Barry Benson
Benjamin Schmidt
Benjamin Schmidt 12 órája
I missed book reviews
Vean Studio
Vean Studio 12 órája
Pewd's interest in stoicsm makes me wonder have he read about Miyamoto Musashi, one of my favorite stoic philosophers
Pr. Pwabloion
Pr. Pwabloion 12 órája
My child will grow up in a world where Felix Arvid Ulf Kjellberg isnt the king of youtube...
Irina Shayk FAN ONLY cOmE FaSt
"when did anger ever teach someome to play music" *shows pic of a heavy metal concert 5:34 😂😂😂
Kuzureta 12 órája
I do particularly like hearing this although I do believe that the philosophy is quite flawed in different ways but it is certainly interesting to hear about.
MrFire 12 órája
Are ever gonna do a face reveal????
Madeleine T
Madeleine T 12 órája
But but... Minecraft 🥺
mary. kate.
mary. kate. 12 órája
Just watching this again for the 296th time don't mind me
Кордис Ди
Кордис Ди 12 órája
Thanks for the video, Pewds! I'm joining Pewdiepie Literature club right now!
Ayush Chaudhary
Ayush Chaudhary 12 órája
God, I missed these.
Neuro Nerd
Neuro Nerd 12 órája
I missed book club with Pewds
Artify 12 órája
10:44 ı litterly lmao
Owen Skovhoj
Owen Skovhoj 12 órája
I fucking hate Shakira shes the worst one
Welcome to my randomness
Nina was such a Madison idk how to explain that but she just is. The girl who voted herself out should’ve gotten it bc you can tell she’d use it responsibly at least. They all seem pretty privileged to me which isn’t a bad thing but if they’re all privileged, watching them all play victims is a bit annoying.
Samar 12 órája
@PewDiePie Hey Felix, have you read Friedrich Nietzsche's Thus spoke zarathustra?
Evanlikestacos 12 órája
I absolutely love these videos, I didn’t read the book but I love hearing about it and the philosophy is such and interesting thing to think about and try to live by. Thanks Pewds, these videos are great
Bobarinio 12 órája
27:03 leg LEG
Crystal Navarro
Crystal Navarro 12 órája
I didn't read Epictetus but I did read 8 books since the new year
Marcela Vargas
Marcela Vargas 12 órája
Felix: talks about freedom Pewdiepie: slaves villagers in Minecraft 👍🏼
דן שרמן
דן שרמן 12 órája
clare brady
clare brady 12 órája
this was honestly more interesting to watch then my history class
Chloe Rene
Chloe Rene 12 órája
I live in a small town and the planet fitness is nothing like this, but I wish it was 😂 it is the cheapest in the area (why I go) but they have an app that literally has videos and pictures on how to use every single machine. There is no reason anyone should be doing them so wrong.
Zulzafry Zulkifly
Zulzafry Zulkifly 12 órája
That black girl eliminate the others
ZleepyE 12 órája
Reading is good for stress
Kaleb Webb
Kaleb Webb 12 órája
My pet rock smarter than shakera
Công Minh Nguyễn
Kris is a piece of $hit.
Iradion Iradion
Iradion Iradion 12 órája
Hi guys who else is Greek?
Samuel Lee
Samuel Lee 12 órája
I don't get it either......
Mohammed Islam
Mohammed Islam 12 órája
I love these vids thanks pewds
Feller Stocks
Feller Stocks 12 órája
You should try Crime and Punishment
Casey Lombardo
Casey Lombardo 12 órája
דן שרמן
דן שרמן 12 órája
He doesn't talk about Cocomelon disstrack, I feel really sorry for him and I hope he is not sad about it.. 🙁 He worked really hard on it and spent a lot of money..
Kuroba Kaito
Kuroba Kaito 12 órája
Amazing quality content. thank you!
Hideri kanzaki
Hideri kanzaki 12 órája
i love these videos
Lefa 12 órája
As a Greek seeing a Swedish future Samurai appreciating Greek philosophers more than most Greeks makes me wonder what the fuck went wrong with my country.
The Baker
The Baker 12 órája
Hello 👋 I’m a pastry chef please consider supporting my channel I’m new to HUrun I have amazing recipes 💕
Elijah Heredia
Elijah Heredia 12 órája
the khalid kid should have got it he clearly just was socially awkward and probably didn’t feel comfortable explaining his answer
Kassidy Napier
Kassidy Napier 12 órája
Duuuuude. I read this last quarter at school.... what... also read Nietzsche he’s v interesting. Racist. But interesting. Truly mind boggling.
Klevis Koloshi
Klevis Koloshi 12 órája
0 deaths
Chaotic Evil
Chaotic Evil 12 órája
Hell at my jym we used to slam shit, growl, talk, breath loudly and listen to the old school metal/hip hop music. What a pussy ass ppl u have in usa. Greetings from Russia.
Andrea Guerrero
Andrea Guerrero 12 órája
I love this types of videos, they are so educational and actually really cool, I'm going to start implementing some of this things in my life, as well as keep reading
Maxwell Wilbanks
Maxwell Wilbanks 12 órája
KingSlayer_Matt 12 órája
The chemistry pewds and ken have is perfect
DigitalVanquish 12 órája
The basis on which thousands of self-help books are based upon. Stoicism can be a good philosophy to learn about and accommodate in your life. But it itself is something you could be bound to. Following Stoicism avidly becomes religion - belief that there is an entity which has an unknowable plan that causes all things, and that you should do away with desire and trust in that entity. Without belief in that entity, Stoicism just becomes Nihilism - having no desire because nothing matters, as opposed to having no desire because everything is as it is willed by something else.
CookiePie 12 órája
61 seconds
Shella 12 órája
This video has helped me in a strange way. There has been a lot of pretty bad things happening in my life lately, so I've been angry and sad. I've lost my appetite and I can't sleep at night, and then I sleep during the day because I don't have any motivation because of the things happening. But watching this, I realize the things that have been happening are out of my control. I can't change them. I'll try not to let it get to me and move on. Thanks for this video, epic.
Legend Of Korra Sucks Ass
Bro you should read a picke for the knowing ones
Akshay Thakur123
Akshay Thakur123 12 órája
He is so much out of proportion sheesh!!! Kinda reminds me 😂😂😂
Ricardo DdCdA
Ricardo DdCdA 12 órája
Conclusion: Stoics were the original green lanterns and used the power of will.
Spefry 12 órája
That was awesome pewdiepie. Next book review video can you review a nonfiction book
CBzMemes 12 órája
read the Quran next :)
Jakob Nelson
Jakob Nelson 12 órája
If I were there, I would vote out that red shirt girl immediately. She’s a B
SET A LIGHT 12 órája
why is he wearing headphones
shemar dacosta
shemar dacosta 12 órája
Most metal songs are filed by rage
Anachronic X
Anachronic X 12 órája
I wanted to laugh at this but its honestly not funny. These people are disgusting.
Dean Molko
Dean Molko 12 órája
This was so good Felix, it really makes you think how many things we really stress about and that are out of our control, good stuff.
Pan 12 órája
They shut down the comments in the original video. Why are the producers so unafraid to listen to people's opinions?
Jack Carlson
Jack Carlson 12 órája
I feel wiser already
Fortnite Plaz
Fortnite Plaz 12 órája
me when quarentine starts: welp time to rewhatch every single one of pewdiepides videos
yahya gaming
yahya gaming 12 órája
Alexey Retard
Alexey Retard 12 órája
Jeez, i wish i didn't watched it
Hisham Ibrahem
Hisham Ibrahem 12 órája
Pewdipie made fun of for using bandicam has the same energy as Micheal Scott when he wore women's suit lol
Oleg Konev
Oleg Konev 12 órája
Notized 12 órája
It got...more than1M
Zbyněk Strnad
Zbyněk Strnad 12 órája
Pewdsthony Dietano here, the internets busiest book nerd. Did u love it, did u hate it? What would u rate it?